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BlueVenn Online Training

Improve your technology skills with our new online Essentials training programs.

Get BlueVenn Certified!

Register for our interactive online Essentials training workshops and get certified at the same time. As well as getting to fully understand the basics of data management, analytics and multi-channel campaigns, you'll benefit from shortcuts and top tips to get the most from your BlueVenn technology.

About the sessions

Each course is broken down into multiple sessions over several days, with certification being awarded for full attendance and the completion of a questionnaire at the end. The workshops will be led by our Customer Success Managers.

Once you've registered for the BlueVenn Unify Essentials or BlueVenn Engage Essentials courses, you will receive a joining link via email, and we'll send you reminders in the lead up to each session.

All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand. 

Course descriptions and details can be found below the registration form.

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If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact Kirsten DiChiappari, VP of US Customer Success.

Phone: +1-857-299-7729

Course breakdown


ENGAGE Essentials

Session 1: Getting Started

  • BlueVenn Engage Overview & Navigation
    • Navigation menus, features overview, data familiarization & getting started with selections
    • Selection builder, field lists and data download
    • Geographic selections, notes, renaming tips, sharing & folder management

Session 2: Data Analysis and Queries

  • Getting started with Data Analysis tools
    • Venn diagrams, maps, reports and charts
  • Recency, Frequency, Value (RFV) segmentation
  • Using Pivot Table Analysis
    • Pivot display and measurement, filters and page comparisons, expressions & syntax
  • Overview of derived fields and queries, and construction

Session 3: Building Campaigns

  • Introduction to Campaigns
  • Creating Campaign Steps
    • Wizards, audiences, decisions and actions
    • Campaign Runs
    • See a finished result in action
  • Single-Step Campaigns
    • Build, test and execute process

Session 4: Advanced Campaigns

  • Multi-Step Campaigns
    • Campaign design, build and trial runs
    • Customer journeys
    • Building multi-wave journeys from campaigns
    • Campaign evaluation
    • Campaign reporting

UNIFY Essential

Session 1

  • Introduction to Unify
    • Login, Menus – operation and set up, Features
  • Creating Users
  • Person Search/Person Record
    • Data held at person record, system hierarchy


  • Preparation for Data Loading and the ETL
    • Assessing Data to load, Core vs Transaction Data
  • Data Loading and the ETL
    • Building a template, data mapping, sources, profile, transactions, processing rules
  • Questions and finish