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Customer Insight Services to Drive Growth and Retention

Our Targeted Growth Model pinpoints new customers for acquisition, identifies customers that drain budgets, high-value customers that are at risk and customers you must retain.

Do you know which customers have the best potential to spend big and stay long? Do you know which customers and channels drain your budgets?

Using the BlueVenn Targeted Growth Model, we can provide you with game-changing customer intelligence and insights from your data in just 48 hours!


Using a unique algorithm and pre-built models, built into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform, we can enrich, score, segment and profile your existing customers to provide you with rich insights and intelligence that are proven time and again to fuel a data-driven marketing strategy.

We’ll overlay your customer data on top of huge third party datasets and, using the unique Targeted Growth Model, we’ll cluster your customers into discrete segments that help inform the business and improve the success of acquisition and retention campaigns.

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