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Go Further, Faster with BlueVenn Agency Services

BlueVenn acquired LEAP Media Solutions in 2018 and now the agency operates inside BlueVenn  to provide complementary data-driven marketing services and expertise, which enables you to leap ahead with your marketing capabilities and maximize your 1-to-1 engagement strategies.

Campaign Management
End-to-end campaign management optimization

End-to-end campaign management optimization

Choose from a 'Do It For Me (DIFM)' or 'Do It With Me (DIWM)' approach to get the most out of BlueVenn's unique customer journey and analysis features without having to skill up your marketing team on day 1.


Digital Automation Studio
 Digital marketing services for acquisitions and retentions

Digital marketing services for acquisitions and retentions

Powerful, integrated suite of digital marketing capabilities to engage audiences and prospective audiences online, in a meaningful, relevant and invited exchange of content and communications.


Targeted Growth Model
 Discover untapped, actionable insights to drive growth

Discover untapped, actionable insights to drive growth

Using the BlueVenn Targeted Growth Model, we can provide you with business-changing intelligence about your customers to fuel your acquisition and retention campaigns - all within just 48 hours of receipt of your data!


Marketing Strategies
 Consultancy, Strategy, Planning & Advice for marketing teams 

Consultancy, Strategy, Planning & Advice for marketing teams

From creating a compelling business case, right through to data planning, communication strategies or a full digital transformation, our strategic teams have worked for some of the top global agencies and here to help.


Customer Success
 Onboarding, Coaching, On-site, Off-site or Online to suit you 

Group classes, 1-to-1, On-site, Off-site or Online to suit you

Our range of coaching options are flexible for all skill levels, budget and preference. From group sessions where you'll meet like-minded marketers to online 1-2-1 sessions there's something to suit everyone.


Data Quality & Enhancements
Turning data into a trustworthy foundation for data insights

Turning data into a trustworthy foundation for data insights

First party, second party and third party data on-boarding, cleansing, stitching and enrichment services through a range of technologies, services and partners to create a 360 degree customer view.


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Join thousands of other BlueVenn marketers

With BlueVenn, you can visually create a journey and see how it links to others. It’s a much better way to think about the conversations we are having with our customers.


Ian Longley,
Group Head of Customer Development,
International Personal Finance

BlueVenn adds the opportunity to integrate near real time data sources with historical behavior and predictive models to plan ‘live’ campaigns through e-channels, bricks and mortar or any other touchpoints.

Glenda Selby,
CRM Data Warehouse Manager,
AAA (American Automobile Association)

What I love is how easy it is to find a new data source then load it, link it, use it! For one project it took just 15 minutes to get the data in, 30 minutes to do analysis and within an hour we had full trending analysis of our customer reviews over the last 2 ½ years.

Joe Pack
Head of CRM,
Space.NK apothecary