Are you prepared for new GDPR data protection laws? How do they apply to you? What changes do you need to make, and when?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will fundamentally change the way organizations handle personal data of EU citizens. Due to be implemented by May 25, 2018, all businesses need to consider the potential impact on their data processing now. For example, obtaining consent for marketing, using profiling, and fulfilling requests for information will all be affected by the GDPR.

BlueVenn can help you on your GDPR journey, to ensure you comply with the new regulations through data, technology and educational services. Our BlueVenn Customer Data Platform is a robust data marketing tool that provides the ability to access, hide, suppress, and manage customer data in a way that is best practice for GDPR.

We also offer training, guidance and GDPR readiness assessments to help your organization understand your obligations and make the necessary changes.

More importantly, we focus everything around making GDPR work as an advantage to your business – rather than a hindrance.

If, like many others, you’ve not yet started on the path towards GDPR compliance then get in touch to discuss your requirements. Our in-house Data Protection Officer is on hand to provide quick or detailed assessments, working with you to ensure that you introduce GDPR into your business culture.

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GDPR: A practical guide for businesses

BlueVenn has strategic relationships with legal and compliance experts, as well as our in-house Data Protection Officer, to provide a complete range of services, advice and guidance to help you on your way to GDPR compliance.

Here, one of our strategic GDPR partners provide you with a unique perspective on the advantages you could gain from GDPR.

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Making GDPR an advantage

GDPR Readiness Assessment

We look at your existing policies and procedures for data collection, data storage and use. This allows us to assess and reveal any non-compliance risks you could be exposed to.

  • Assess your data procedures
  • Reveal data protection risks and remediation 

custom.pngGDPR Customer Data Management

Clean, enhanced, quality data is inherently more compliant. Our customer data management services assess and improve the health and accuracy of your database with cleansing and enhancement services, whilst a BlueVenn Customer Data Platform ensures data resides in one place for ease of access and governance.

  • Evaluate your customer database
  • Cleanse and enhance your data for better compliance

strategy.pngRisk Analysis and Remediation Strategy

If any remediation to your database or data governance practices is needed, our legal and compliance specialist partners will help you to develop a program for new data policies and strategies.

  • Advice from legal and compliance experts
  • Develop a new program for GDPR compliance


presentation.pngTraining Programs and Support

Conforming to new data laws often requires a change to business culture; a revision of how people and systems work. We have partners to provide training services to help you develop new approaches to accountability and data governance.

  • Corporate training 
  • Ongoing compliance support
  • Crisis management


To help you identify the areas you need to work on by 2018, BlueVenn provide a two-step GDPR  Assessment and Process Review.

The Impact Assessment will provide your organization with a diagnosis of your people, processes, culture, data and technology to determine where issues might occur and where potential opportunities may exist in advance of 2018.

With the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and using a collaboration of our in-house team and selected 3rd parties, we can then help ensure you are fully equiped with the knowledge, processes, technology and data to turn GDPR into a profitable advantage.

Don’t delay! If you want to find out more about this service please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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The General Data Protection Regulation: A practical guide for businesses provides a thorough look at how GDPR will change existing laws, and offers suggestions for what you can do now to prepare. It covers:

  • The global scope of GDPR
  • Changes to consent, processing and profiling
  • The new rights for data subject 
  • Guidelines for Data Protection Officers
  • Liabilities, penalties and enforcements