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BlueVenn Summit 2020

Thank you for joining us!

The presentation slides are below to download, along with the attendees list.pdf (password required).

From fiction to reality: Real-time, cross-channel customer experience marketing

Gabrielle Schneider, BlueVenn

Don’t miss the opening session where we’ll explore the principles of where every marketer needs to be - real-time, cross-channel personalized marketing! You’ll better understand why it’s traditionally been so difficult with marketing automation platforms and why it’s now finally a true realization for brands.

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How Metro Market Media is leveraging its database to drive additional revenue

Samuil Nikolov, Metro Market Media

In addition to generating subscriptions and content engagement, hear how Metro Market Media is taking full advantage of its database to promote events and concerts. By leveraging promotions and email, they are able to increase ticket sales and drive additional sponsorship revenue.

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Personalization: A framework for achieving your objectives

Eddy Swindell, Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance presents a personalization framework that can be adapted for any type of business. We combine two well-known models to help you refine your objectives and apply a range of personalization tactics to achieve your business goals. This session will give you solid and proven structure to help you refine and implement your personalization strategy.

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Best Practice: Using Intent Data to Identify, Personalize and Orchestrate

Ed Marsh, Intent Data

The Single Customer View provides marketing with a complete view of every customer or subscriber, and as new data becomes available, the SCV improves. The new 3rd party data on the block is “intent data” and if you’re not using it yet then you’ll get left behind. Discover how to combine intent data with a CDP to deliver the most complete 360 ̊ Single Customer View ever!

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Understanding multi-touch attribution and how to use it for profitable change

Gabrielle Schneider, BlueVenn

Attribution reporting is the new feature coming to every martech platform right now (BlueVenn as well!) But how do you make sense of attribution reporting and how do you turn the insights into profitable gains? We’ll take you through the 7 most common attribution models, how they apply to your vertical and how to use the data to make profitable changes to your customer journeys.

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CDP Institute Session: Evolution of the CDP landscape

David Raab, CDP Institute

Bring your notepad along to this session! We’re privileged to have technology expert and CDP Institute Founder, David Raab, on day 2 to provide us with his unique advice and insights for the most effective ways to improve how you manage customer data, and how to get the most out of your data management technology.

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Championing customer data privacy with a Customer Data Platform

Gabrielle Schneider, BlueVenn

January 2020 marks the start of the CCPA and new guidelines on how to process, retain and store data about Californian citizens. As the 5th largest economy in the world it is a vast region and chances are you may have them on your database. Let us share with you what we know, our EU customer experiences with GDPR, and tips to ensure compliance.

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A leading edge approach to segmentation -- leveraging customer analytics to turn data into action

Jerry L. Nichols, Allant Group

Jerry L. Nichols, SVP of Analytics, Insights, and Strategy will cover: (1) industry trends, (2) how to leverage micro-segmentation to have more meaningful brand experiences, and (3) how to maximize ROI for customer acquisition, activation, and retention activities.

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Deepening Audience Relationships Through Membership

Jed Williams, Local Media Association & John Conway, New Media Capitol

In this session, Local Media Association Chief Strategy Officer Jed Williams shares key insights and learnings from The TV Membership Project, where local broadcasters are building new audiences, technology and marketing capabilities to enable business diversification.

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Chris Hares, BlueVenn

To close out the event, VP of Engineering , Chris Hares, will present an exclusive first look at exciting technology updates and functionality coming in 2020. You’ll find out about new capabilities being worked on now for machine learning and AI, cross-channel automation, email marketing, Snowflake and new database integrations, new dashboard reporting tools and more.

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