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A Guide to Modern Marketing Technologies and Tactics to Become a CX Leader


BlueVenn and Upland CXM join London Research to discuss the marketing technologies and tactics to become leaders in customer experience marketing.

A Customer Data Platform integrates customer data, transactions and behaviors from across the organization to create a Single Customer View (SCV). But what happens when you let real-time customer feedback, sentiment and the Voice of the Customer into your unified customer view? What if you could trigger, or cancel, in-the-moment campaigns, and dynamically alter the customer journey based on feedback?

BlueVenn and Upland CXM have partnered with London Research to host this enlightening webinar that will show you:

  • How to integrate ‘in-the-moment' customer feedback to create a truly personal customer experience
  • How to identify potentially lapsing customers and turn them into repeat buyers
  • How to truly understand the value and purpose of your marketing communication
  • How to overcome outdated approaches to customer intelligence
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