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Get the team together for a CDP Lunch + Learn

How to gain maximum value from a Customer Data Platform (along with a free lunch for the team!)

Evaluating Customer Data Platforms?

If so, get your team together (virtually of course*) for a free Customer Data Platform Lunch & Learn workshop, designed to help you get the maximum value from a CDP deployment.

During a carefully designed 2-hour session, tailored for your organization, we'll run through a series of mini-sessions that will: offer industry-leading advice and practical tips for delivering a Single Customer View; help you to activate CDP data to power cross-channel marketing; and zero in on the most vital use cases for a successful CDP deployment within your business.

We’ll also send everyone in your team a free pizza, sandwich or salad of their choice, from a selection of major food delivery services! :)

Check out the sample agenda and FAQs further down this page, or get started by filling out the registration form, so that our events team can follow up to get you booked in →

* BlueVenn's Lunch and Learn workshops can also be conducted face-to-face at certain US and UK locations, provided safe social distancing measures and COVID-19 infection controls can be confirmed and maintained. Please indicate your workshop preference on the registration form, so that we can discuss the practicalities of delivering the workshop under safe conditions.

Lunch + Learn Registration

Your CDP Lunch + Learn agenda

Let us help you, and your team, plan for a successful CDP deployment that will deliver value from your investment quickly. There are 10 CDP Lunch & Learn modules to choose from, and following your registration, we will help you to build up an appropriate selection to allow the workshop to be tailored to your specific needs.

Available modules:

  • Key requirements to create a 360º Single Customer View
  • Analytics and customer insights from CDP data
  • Omnichannel tactics with a Customer Data Platform
  • CDP architectural concepts: from siloed decisions to X1X
  • Creating your mandatory CDP use cases
  • Opportunity cost/ROI: what to expect, and choosing the right CDP
  • The 101 guide to 'closed-loop marketing'
  • Using your CDP for multi-touch attribution
  • The customer data transformation roadmap
  • Top 10 CDP FAQs before deployment

working-lunch-600You don't need to choose your favorites straight away, but once we receive your registration we'll be in touch to help you build your agenda. Each attendee will also receive a free CDP planning guide and marketing transformation roadmap templates. 

Don’t wait, complete your registration now, and we'll be in touch soon to confirm dates/times to get your CDP Lunch & Learn workshop set up.

CDP Lunch + Learn FAQs

Do we need to prepare anything before our Lunch + Learn session?

Yes. We want to ensure the CDP Lunch & Learn is tailored to you and your organizational needs from a CDP. We will therefore send you a CDP maturity questionnaire in advance of the workshop. This is a critical part of the package, as it enables us to shape the Lunch & Learn session to your specific requirements and address the business problems that a CDP will (or perhaps won’t) fix.

Does this Lunch + Learn cost anything?

For now, the BlueVenn Lunch & Learn is free for qualifying companies. We see this as a value exchange, in the hope that once we share with you some of our knowledge, built up over the past 30 years, you will be moved to consider BlueVenn, our technology and our expertise, in your CDP evaluation later down the line (no obligation of course)! The free lunch is just really the icing on the cake (or should we say the pepperoni on the slice), and an added reason for a busy marketing team to share some of their time with us.

How many of my team can join the Lunch + Learn?

The Lunch & Learn course and agenda has been optimally designed for a maximum of 5 people. If your team is bigger than 5, then please choose the most relevant colleagues and individuals that will be involved in the CDP project, or those who you think will get most value from a CDP once deployed. (If you’re not sure who these individuals might be, then we can normally help you to select your team members after your initial registration of interest).

Who is the CDP Lunch + Learn suitable for?

The CDP Lunch & Learn is designed for marketing teams at B2C or B2B organisations that have identified a need within the business that a Customer Data Platform could solve, and that are either ready to start evaluating CDP technologies or already assessing the CDP market. To qualify for the free Lunch & Learn, all we ask is that you represent the marketing team at your organization and can involve relevant marketing colleagues who will be part of the CDP evaluation process. We hope that you’ll have a great experience, take a lot of value away from the workshop, and therefore consider working with BlueVenn, either now or in the future (and that you’ll enjoy your free lunch of course)!

Who is the CDP Lunch + Learn not suitable for?

Sorry, but our Lunch & Learn is not suitable for companies that have already made their CDP investment. Although our altruistic teams would love to provide free training, these Lunch & Learn events are here to deliver value to CDP-less marketers, so that they can make the right choices when evaluating CDPs and understand how to properly prepare for their Go Live, to achieve the returns they hope for (whether they go with BlueVenn or someone else). We can therefore only deliver workshops and free food to organisations that have the potential to spend money with BlueVenn in the future. (However, we want to be inclusive, so if you are CDP-equipped already but think that you have a compelling reason why you should be considered for a Lunch & Learn workshop, then email and we can talk about it.)

How do we get our free lunch?

Once we have your Lunch & Learn date and time confirmed, our events admin team will be in touch via email to provide every team member with the lunch options. A bad lunch would spoil everything, so we’ve tried to cater for all dietary requirements through a selection of popular food delivery services and networks that offer choices. If necessary, though, we can arrange for bespoke lunch orders.

What locations are available for a Lunch + Learn?

We’re happy to provide virtual Lunch & Learn sessions for qualifying organizations anywhere in the world! Time zones may dictate that we'll need to hold some breakfast, brunch or dinner sessions instead, but that’s okay too. We can accommodate face-to-face Lunch and Learn workshops at selected locations in the US and UK (COVID restrictions permitting). This is an option that you can select on the registration form at the top of this page, but it will necessitate an assessment of safe social distancing measures and assurances that COVID-19 infection controls can be maintained for our team.

Got another question?

Either email directly or fill out the registration form at the top of this page, then we'll get back in touch so that you can ask us anything you like.