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3 global research reports into database marketing and customer data tactics

Do you have a single view of your customers? Do you have the right data analytics skills in-house? Are you effective at cross-channel or multi-channel marketing? How well can you personalize a campaign?

For more than 100 intriguing insights into the world of database marketing, BlueVenn has bundled our research reports from 2017, 2018 and 2019 into one bumper-sized Stat Pack. Download the reports and find out how marketers across the globe are managing customer data effectively (or not) and their perceptions or achievements for personalization, analytics and multi-channel marketing.

Download #1

Customer Data Excellence report


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BlueVenn and London Research surveyed over 300 marketing leaders to look at Customer Data Platform usage, and how it’s translating into tangible business benefits.

Read more to learn:

  • CDP Users are 2.5X more effective
  • CDP users focus more on customer engagement and less on data inefficiencies
  • A New 7 Stage Customer Data Maturity Model

Download #2

The Myths of Marketing stat report


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BlueVenn surveyed 202 B2C marketers in the US and UK to learn their thoughts and understand the challenges that face them in their role.

Read more to learn:

  • Attitudes towards ownership and use of customer data
  • Skills and technologies that marketers need the most
  • Barriers and scepticism of the Single Customer View

Download #3

The Data Deadlock research report


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BlueVenn surveyed 602 marketers and 2,116 consumers, to learn how data is being used in today’s marketer-consumer relationship.

Read more to learn:

  • Marketer and consumer perspectives on personalization
  • New data legislation readiness
  • Marketer and consumer views on personal data usage

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