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Download the eBook: Opening up the Single Customer View to Any Company

Marketing has become sophisticated and data-driven, with many organizations taking advantage of the SCV. But what about SMEs, still struggling to evolve beyond mass marketing strategies?

Opening up the SCV to Any Company of Any Size

With access to a robust data source, marketers can use highly visual tools to build segments, analyze customers, products, transactions and create targeted campaigns. Is this possible for SMEs, who do not have the ability to deploy a customer Single Customer View project? Opening up the Single Customer View to Any Company of Any Size discusses how a cloud-based SCV solution might be the answer.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Is the Single Customer View a reality for all organizations?
  • Why the creative aspect of marketing is being sidelined while individuals attempt to gain meaning from inadequate customer sources
  • How proven, cloud-based SCV technology has allowed companies to unravel insight about customers in minutes – as opposed to days or weeks

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