A Marketer's Guide to Customer Data Platforms 

Making a CDP work for you and your business

Marketers want control of their customer data. Ideally in a database that collects and integrates all customer data sources across all the business systems that manage and record customer touchpoints. 

Marketer's CDP guide

It is not enough to just consolidate this data in one place; marketers require an accurate and consistent record for each customer and for this data to be available to all marketing applications and processes.

This is where Customer Data Platforms come in - a hot topic in the world of marketing technology but one that causes some confusion. A Marketer's Guide to Customer Data Platforms aims to clarify some of these issues, and highlight the many ways a CDP can help improve your marketing and improve customer experiences. 

Download this eBook to learn:

  • The core features of a Customer Data Platform
  • The differences between Data Assembly CDPs, Analytics CDPs and Customer Experience CDP subsets
  • How a CDP is different to a Data Warehouse, DMP and CRM
  • Making strategic use of Customer Data Platforms
  • Questions to ask when considering a CDP
  • Understanding CDP architecture concepts and BlueVenn's 'x1x' vision