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Download the Report: Data Deadlock

Marketers are at a deadlock with their customer data and in order to progress, their role is changing from communicator to data scientist.

Data Deadlock

Marketers claim to be confident in their abilities to analyze complex data. Is this confidence translating into more efficient marketing campaigns? Many consumers seem to disagree, indicating that they are not satisfied with the way they are being targeted. Is the volume of data and the increasingly complex customer journey to blame?

This report asks 602 US and UK marketers and 2,116 US and UK consumers their thoughts.

Download this report to learn:

  • The current state of play with customer data
  • What strategies marketers find most difficult to quantify
  • How consumers feel about their personal data and the use of personalization
  • How can technology help?
  • What tactics do marketers expect to be using in the next five years?

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