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    Marketer's Guide to Identity Resolution


    Customer journeys are more complex than ever before, so how can marketers deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience that fosters long-term loyalty? Identity resolution can help you to understand what your customers are doing and how you can provide them with the optimal experience.




    Retail Study: The changes in consumer shopping behavior for Christmas 2020 and beyond

    Retail Study

    55% of shoppers are saying they are dramatically changing the way they shop this Christmas.

    Download the report to discover our research into buying trends during the COVID-19 pandemic, both over the festive period and in the New Year, and how well retailers are managing to track, learn from and take advantage of shifting consumer habits.

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    Omnichannel Marketing Excellence: Research paper on omnichannel marketing maturity


    New global research paper explores how companies are harnessing customer data to create a better CX, and explains why CDP-equipped companies are 2X more likely to synchronize cross-channel communications (online and offline). Read it to learn how to improve your own omnichannel marketing maturity. 

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    BlueVenn’s guide to
    multi-touch attribution eBook


    With marketers increasingly using multi-channel and omnichannel techniques and tactics to engage customers, how can it be determined which campaign, touchpoint, source or channel is ultimately responsible for the purchase? Multi-touch attribution can help.

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    Winterberry Group's Customer Data Platform benchmark report


    Many adopters are confused, in a market crammed with pretenders, about the defining characteristics of a ‘True CDP’ and which capabilities it should have, but Winterberry Group’s new 14-page Customer Data Platform benchmark report can help.

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    10 tips for optimizing the customer journey


    A customer journey is the complete experience that the customer has when dealing with your brand, and every interaction will color their views of your company or product as a whole. So how can you make sure the impression they’re left with is a favorable one?

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    Powering Trustworthy and Reliable Customer Analytics with a Customer Data Platform


    Download this eBook, authored by CDP Institute Founder David Raab in conjunction with BlueVenn, to find out how to review the requirements and specifications of a Customer Data Platform for a data analytics use case.

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    Customer Data Excellence: Research paper on Customer Data Platform usage

    Research into Customer Data Platform Usage, Results & Achievements

    If you need justification to make an investment in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) then look no further than this extensive research report to see how CDP-equipped organizations are 2.5X more likely to overachieve against their marketing goals.

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    To CDP or Not to CDP? Five ways to unify disconnected data across the business into a Single Customer View


    In this eBook, we’ll look at five different methods that organizations invest in to unify their data, from working with marketing solution providers or data bureaus to an investment in a “marketer-controlled” Customer Data Platform.

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    A Marketer's Guide to Customer Data PlatformsMarketer's CDP Guide

    Learn more about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), how they differ from other marketing technologies, and how you can make a CDP work for you and your marketing strategy.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Single Customer View
    Ultimate SCV eBook

    What are the benefits of creating a Single Customer View (SCV) and how can it be used for improving personalization and segmentation in your marketing? Get all the answers and more with our most popular eBook of all time!

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    Customer Data Platforms and Multi-Channel Decision ManagementCDP_Decision_Mgmt.png

    Customer Data Platform Institute founder David Raab explains the benefits of unifying all your data AND all your campaign decisions within one platform to act as your complete Multi Channel Marketing Hub.

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    "How Many Customers Do I Have?"

    How Many Customers Do I Have?

    This eBook teaches marketers how the correct "counting rules" and a Single Customer View will create a foundation for trustworthy data, analytics and business-changing insights that enable more targeted campaign management.

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    Customer Journey Optimization
    Custmer Journey eBook

    Download this eBook to understand Customer Journey Optimization. You'll learn how to move away from linear campaign management ideology towards an optimized, omnichannel customer journey that puts the customer at the center of your communications strategy.

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    A Guide to Predictive AnalyticsA Guide to Predictive Analytics

    BlueVenn's Guide to Predictive Analytics will teach you about the building blocks towards creating predictive models, different types of predictive strategies and how it provides the opportunity to use realtime campaign decisions to drive up revenues and conversions.

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    Real-Time Marketing Tactical Guide
    Real-Time Guide

    See examples of realtime marketing strategies that are proven to generate additional sales, and better understand the opportunities available by implementing realtime personalization across your digital marketing channels.

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    Intervening in the Customer Journey
    Customer Journey eBook

    Discover how you can implement marketing tactics to more effectively intervene in a customer's journey, in realtime, to provide the right message, in the right context and at the right time.

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    Data Deadlock Report
    Data Deadlock

    In 2017 we surveyed 600 marketers and 2000+ consumers across the US and UK to look at both sides of data-driven marketing and help marketers understand which marketing strategies to deploy. And the results show a fascinating Data Deadlock between marketers and consumers...


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    Customer Data: the Monster Under the Bed?
    Customer Data: The Monster Under the Bed?

    Following a 2016 survey, where we polled marketing teams in the US and UK, we uncovered some interesting statistics about the data skills shortages in marketing. Is data the monster lurking under your bed? Read more in our marketer's guide.  

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    The Myths of Marketing Stats Report
    Myths of Marketing Stats Book

    What is your beast of marketing? If like the marketers from our 2016 survey told us then data silos, personalization and segmentation are all beasts that still need to be vanquished. Download this stats report for fascinating insights into real-life data-marketing issues.

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    Marketing Transformation
    Marketing Transformation

    Whether buying a new email platform, developing a new marketing strategy or upgrading an entire marketing tech stack, this eBook provides templates, guidance, tips and advice for how to implement organizational change that makes your transformation a success.

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    Defeating the Mythical Beasts of Marketing
    Defeating the Mythical Beasts of Marketing

    Read our tale of George, the brave Knight of Marketingland, as he defeats the mythical beasts of marketing. Staring the Cyclops of Single Customer View and the 3 Headed Hydra of Segmentation, this is a must read and rated 5 stars by our own marketing team :)

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    7 Critical Considerations for a Single Customer View Project

    7 Critical Considerations for a SCV Project
    If you're considering or starting a Single Customer View project then don't do anything until you've downloaded our 7 critical considerations that will ensure you've got the necessary foundations in place to make the project successful.

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    How Insurance Firms Use Third Party Data and an SCV 

    Insurance eBook
    This eBook is specifically aimed at Insurance firms that are looking to improve their realtime marketing strategy through the implementation of a Single Customer View and how 3rd party data can help to drive more realtime customer experiences, whilst balancing risk.

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    Who's Playing Your Games?

    Who's playing your games?
    Having implemented analytics and marketing automation platforms for over 50 online gaming brands, at BlueVenn we know a thing or two about the gaming industry. In this eBook our consultants provide some insights into improving customer experiences for your players.

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    Opening up the SCV to Any Company of Any SizeOpening Up the SCV eBook

    Many marketers are still struggling to evolve beyond a mass 'one-size-fits-all' approach to marketing. This eBook explains why a Single Customer View has the ability to deliver highly personalized, consistent customer experiences - and why it isn't just limited to enterprise companies.

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