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Space.NK.apothecary take campaigns from concept to action in 24 hours or less, rather than weeks 

Space NK Case Study

Space.NK set out the objective to have a central hub of customer data, of which the insights team could experiment with data analysis, and get data answers from analysis within hours, rather than days or weeks.

Read how the Space.NK team can now combine multiple sources of customer data and derive reliable insight to underpin marketing decisions, as well as:

  • Gaining better visibility of the data processes for vital business insight 
  • Adding 45,000 email addresses back into its marketing file that had been previously overlooked
  • The ability to make more informed decisions about where acquisition spend should go

We are making much more informed decisions now, with the value of BlueVenn reaching right across the business.
Joe Pack, Head of CRM, Space.NK.apothecary 

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