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M and M Direct empower marketing, finance and merchandizing teams with BlueVenn to analyze data directly.


Leading online and catalog retailer M and M Direct has improved the effectiveness and cut the costs of its mailings now that it uses BlueVenn analytic tools for data analysis.

The BlueVenn marketing solution replaced a clumsy legacy system and, thanks to its ease of use, has empowered the marketing department to conduct its own analysis.

The solution has since been extended throughout the business beyond marketing, to automatically generate and circulate daily sales reports which previously took two hours of work a day to produce. 

M and M Direct also use tools from the BlueVenn Marketing Platform to:

  • Measure business key performance indicators to see sales, orders, average order value, returns and dispatches
  • Monitor and control stock holdings
  • Clean and deduplicate lists before they are sent to the fulfilment house

"The best thing about BlueVenn is that it has enabled us to get the information we need without any hassle. I can’t emphasize enough that it’s not just about marketing – it’s a vital business management tool. At the touch of a button, it enables our marketing team to understand who is buying what, and who is responding to what promotion. It’s fast, flexible and easy to use."
Chris Harle, Finance Director, M and M Direct

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