Marketing Automation Software

Through automating data and campaign management tasks, BlueVenn speeds up the delivery of seamless, personalized multi-channel customer journeys.

Discover how to create a 360º view of your customer data and speed up the delivery of personalized marketing campaigns with the BlueVenn marketing automation solution.

What is a Marketing Automation Solution?

Whilst manual campaign management is possible at a small scale, the number of marketing channels is forever increasing. This means that for B2C marketers, where they are potentially sending marketing campaigns to millions or billions of consumers, they are looking for ways to regain full control of the channels they use to connect with their customers.

Marketing automation solutions aim to automate repetitive and routine marketing tasks. As a result, this software provides marketers with the ability to deliver and manage marketing campaigns across a whole range of interactive channels.

What Does the BlueVenn Marketing Automation Solution Offer?

By integrating all your online and offline customer data sources into a Single Customer View, the BlueVenn marketing automation software provides you with the ability to analyze every byte of data about your customers and then reach them in increasingly effective ways. This includes planning, coordinating, managing and executing campaigns in a cohesive and consistent manner. This results in operation efficiency, the enhancement of the customer experience and, ultimately, increased sales.

The benefits of using BlueVenn's marketing automation solution includes:

  • More efficient customer data management - Through the creation of a Single Customer View, BlueVenn ensures the data in the marketing automation process is trustworthy and accurate at all times.
  • Improved customer insight – In-built analytics and segmentation tools help you to identify patterns in customer behaviour. Therefore you can discover your best customer opportunities and see what is and isn’t working for your brand.
  • More targeted marketing campaigns – With the BlueVenn marketing automation solution you can deliver multi channel customer journeys in real-time and personalize web and email content to automate a rich customer experience. This keeps your customers engaged by automatically delivering the content, offers and products that they want, thereby simultaneously creating customer advocates for your business.

Marketing Automation

By automating the many processes of delivering multi channel marketing campaigns, BlueVenn enables marketing teams to become more efficient and targeted with promotions and messages. Marketing channels such as email, direct mail and social media campaigns can be coordinated in one tool too allowing for better collaboration between online and offline campaign teams.

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