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LEAP is now part of BlueVenn

LEAP Media Solutions now fits under the umbrella of BlueVenn, working as an agency to provide CDP implementations plus data, analytics and campaign management services to our customers

LEAP is now BlueVenn Agency Services

In 2018, BlueVenn acquired LEAP Media Solutions. The agency is now operating as part of BlueVenn, providing expert services in customer data management, data analytics and multi-channel campaign management to support the advanced marketing needs of our customers and prospects.

Under the banner of BlueVenn Agency Services, we'll continue to provide the same unique end-to-end subscription marketing services for over 300 newsmedia and publishing brands across the United States. In addition, customers and prospect will now benefit from the support of BlueVenn's expert Implementation and Customer Success teams.

This coming together of competencies ensures that our customers can depend on BlueVenn to bridge any existing internal skill set gaps. From the setup and implementation of the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform, to the creation of predictive models and the planning and execution of campaigns, we can help you with every stage of your business's evolution to achieving true, omnichannel customer experience marketing (we also offer a complete Do-It-For-Me managed service). 

BlueVenn Agency Services can offer you:

  • Customer Data Platform implementations
  • Data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Multi-channel marketing automation
  • Data hygiene, validation and 3rd party data services
  • Personalized email marketing design and execution
  • Customer intelligence reporting
  • BlueVenn Marketing Hub managed services



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headsetFor Support/Customer Success

To send a Support Request regarding your existing LEAP or BlueVenn solution, please email or call the US Support team on +1 303 296 9966.



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If you'd like to speak to Sales or have an interest in contacting BlueVenn about our marketing solutions and agency services, then visit our Contact Us page for all the ways to speak to us.