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JOIN Digital is a series of pop-up online conferences, every Wednesday, to provide marketers with a regular weekly source of strategic MarTech advice, innovative product demos, expert online workshops and interactive webinars.

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Closed Loop Marketing :: Optimizing a continuous flow of customer data across your business

8:30am EDT | 1:30pm BST

For marketers to truly understand their customers and create omnichannel customer experiences they need a continuous flow of accurate and trustworthy customer data, transactions and behaviors flowing through their marketing technology ecosystem. From data storage and accessibility to marketing segmentation, CRM, customer services, execution of marketing messages and acting on responses and conversions, you need 'Closed Loop Marketing'.

In this session we will take you through the schematics for Closed Loop Marketing and a continuous data flow that has been constructed from the feedback of over 100 marketing leaders and CMOs across the world, and look at the role of CDPs, analytics and marketing automation to put this into action.

paula-keogh matt-dimond

Presenters: Paula Keogh, Enterprise Sales Manager, BlueVenn
Matt Dimond, Solution Consultant, BlueVenn

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A Guide to Modern Marketing Technologies and Tactics to Become a CX Leader

9:30am EDT | 2:30pm BST

A Customer Data Platform integrates customer data, transactions and behaviors from across the organization to create a Single Customer View (SCV). But what happens when you let real-time customer feedback, sentiment and the Voice of the Customer into your unified customer view? What if you could trigger, or cancel, in-the-moment campaigns, and dynamically alter the customer journey based on feedback? In this session we'll explain how a VOC system and a CDP can work in harmony to provide great CX at every stage of the customer journey.

jim-kelly-2 rob-amos

Presenters: Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant, BlueVenn
Rob Amos, Global Partnerships, Upland CXM 

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Live Demo :: Unifying VOC data and behavioural insights for 1:1 Cross Channel Marketing

10:30am EDT | 3:30pm BST

Following the earlier JOIN session on becoming CX leaders through the power of a CDP and VOC system, our Principal Consultant, Jim Kelly, will be showing the practical applications of how to activate a 360 customer view, enhanced with VOC data from Upland CXM to create highly personalized and real-time cross-channel customer journeys. This demo will showcase how to execute an omnichannel experience, powered by machine learning, across Upland’s mobile, email and VOC channels.


Presenter: Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant, BlueVenn

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To CDP or Not to CDP: 5 Ways to unify customer data

11:30am EDT | 4:30pm BST

Despite the widespread popularity of the term Customer Data Platform, multi-channel organizations have, in reality, been attempting to create a Single Customer View ever since the dawn of database marketing. In this JOIN Digital session we’ll look at five different methods that organizations invest in to unify their data, from working with marketing solution providers or data bureaus to an investment in a “marketer-controlled” Customer Data Platform.


Presenter: Matt Dimond, Solutions Consultant, BlueVenn

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