JOIN DIGITAL 2020 JOIN Digital 2020

Pop-up online conference | Every Wednesday

JOIN Digital is a series of pop-up online conferences, every Wednesday, to provide marketers with a regular weekly source of strategic MarTech advice, innovative product demos, expert online workshops and interactive webinars.

Every Wednesday will become… “Vennsday”, complete with 4 online sessions from BlueVenn and selected partners. You register once each Wednesday to gain access to all 4 sessions, and then receive reminders 10 minutes before each session to be able to attend live or on-demand.

How bold marketers combine 5 critical elements to transform the customer experience

8:30am EDT | 1:30pm BST

Customer experience is increasingly determining the success or failure of the physical store, with consumers demanding personalized experiences at every stage of the customer journey. To succeed, marketers need to move out of their comfort zone to influence company-wide culture, develop new customer-centric processes, and work with IT to rebuild technology and data foundations that may have been broken for a long time. In this workshop we’ll take you through proven methodology that bold marketers can follow to make their customer data strategy meet the sky-high cross-channel expectations of the modern consumer, with a focus on 5 key elements: data, technology, culture, processes and people.


Presenters: Lisa Flanagan, VP Sales (Europe), BlueVenn
Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant, BlueVenn

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Top 10 CDP FAQs Answered

9:30am EDT | 2:30pm BST

How does a CDP improve data quality? Can our data warehouse provide the same business benefits? How does Master Data Management compare to a Customer Data Platform? These are just a few of the top 10 Customer Data Platform FAQs our panel of experts will be answering live in this 30 minute session.

jim-kelly-2matt-dimondGabrielle Schneider

Panel: Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant, BlueVenn | Matt Dimond, Solutions Consultant, BlueVenn | Gabrielle Schneider, Solutions Consultant, BlueVenn

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Interview with David Raab

10:30am EDT | 3:30pm BST

The guru of customer data platforms and marketing technolgies, David Raab, joins us for an interesting Q&A session as we talk about topics related to CDP usage, the evolution of 3rd party cookies for digital marketers and many more interesting topics. Don't miss this exclusive session with the Founder of the CDP Institute.


Interviewee: David Raab, Founder of Customer Data Platform Institute

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Understanding 7 multi-touch attribution models to apply to your business and better understand ROI

11:30am EDT | 4:30pm BST

In this session we'll take you through the theory and usage of 7 common multi-touch and single-touch attribution models that marketers can use to better measure the impact of channels, campaigns and marketing investments. This session will also lead into a look at multi-touch attribution in the BlueVenn Marketing Hub to see attribution in action.

Gabrielle Schneider

Presenter: Gabrielle Schneider, Solutions Consultant, BlueVenn

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