JOIN DIGITAL 2020 JOIN Digital 2020

Pop-up online conference | Every Wednesday

JOIN Digital is a series of pop-up online conferences, every Wednesday, to provide marketers with a regular weekly source of strategic MarTech advice, innovative product demos, expert online workshops and interactive webinars.

Every Wednesday will become… “Vennsday”, complete with 4 online sessions from BlueVenn and selected partners. You register once each Wednesday to gain access to all 4 sessions, and then receive reminders 10 minutes before each session to be able to attend live or on-demand.

The Seven Stages of Customer Data Excellence

8:30am EDT | 1:30pm BST

A lack of access to unified customer data, and the inability to use that data to gain accurate insights, is a huge issue for B2C marketing leaders who need to make agile decisions and be reactive to market conditions. In this session, we will take you through a new Seven Stage Customer Data Excellence Model, developed by leading marketing advisors, and which can be used as a strategic framework for building a world-class marketing data ecosystem for improvements across personalization, cross-channel marketing, attribution, acquisition, cross-sell and up-sell initiatives.


Presenter: Anthony Botibol, VP Marketing, BlueVenn

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Live BlueVenn Demo :: Unified customer data and cross-channel marketing automation

9:30am EDT | 2:30pm BST

Register for a live 30-minute demonstration of “the world’s most complete end-to-end Customer Data Platform” from BlueVenn. BlueVenn’s Marketing Hub combines its Customer Data Platform, which works to load, link and activate customer data from many siloed business systems, with a rich marketing automation toolkit of analytics, segmentation and customer journey builders that orchestrates promotions and campaigns across EVERY online or offline marketing channel.

Gabrielle Schneider

Presenter: Gabrielle Schneider, Solutions Consultant at BlueVenn

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Using 'CDP-powered email marketing' to revolutionize the effectiveness of your email campaigns

10:30am EDT | 3:30pm BST

What can CDP-powered email marketing offer that email marketing platforms don’t? Matt Dimond, Solutions Consultant for BlueVenn, will delve into common issues that marketers face when attempting to personalize email offers and content at scale. We'll be talking segmentation, analytics, predictive modeling, and how to use these CDP capabilities for improved email marketing and cross-channel effectiveness - and the benefit of having all these capabilities inside one marketing toolkit.


Presenter: Matt Dimond, Solutions Consultant at BlueVenn

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Next-best action to super-charge the customer journey

11:30am EDT | 4:30pm BST

What if you knew, when a customer walked into your store, visited your website or contacted your call centre, what they were going to do next? Wouldn’t that make it easier to present them with the perfect offer, on the perfect channel, at the perfect time to secure a sale? In this session, find out why this appealing concept of engaging the customer in-the-moment is no longer a fantasy. Find out how the capabilities of a Customer Data Platform, marketing automation and machine learning can help you to anticipate your customer’s next actions in time to give them the best possible brand experience.


Presenter: Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant, BlueVenn

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