Putting Email Back in the Boardroom: How First-Person Marketing Changes Everything!

Adestra’s Vice President of Marketing Insights Ryan Phelan looks at how companies are moving toward First-Person Marketing and how the advanced use of data is driving higher results.

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Once considered disposable, your email address has become more important than your social security number. 

But what are you doing with you customers' emails and it is enough? 'First-Person Marketing’ is about utilizing data and insight to ensure email marketing stays relevant and meaningful in the world of data protection. In addition to that, how are you keeping pace with innovation?  Are you using models and advanced segmentation to build a smart marketing program with a unified customer view, or are you just trapped in batch and blast mode? 

In this session, first shown live for JOIN Digital 2017, Ryan will share his vision to ensure you keep maximizing the potential of your email marketing in the modern world.



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