JOIN 2018

Thursday June 28
from 8am EDT / 1pm BST

JOIN 2018 brings together MarTech companies with seven online-only sessions over one day. Brands will learn about the latest technology trends, practical advice to unify customer data, the rise of Customer Data Platforms, analytics principles, systems of insight and the evolution of multi-channel customer journeys.

It's all happening in one place - online!

A Marketer's Introduction to Customer Data Platforms

8am EDT / 1pm BST

By Jim Kelly, BlueVenn

Confused about Customer Data Platforms? You’re not alone. It can be a relentless challenge trying to keep up with new technologies - not to mention all the acronyms and buzzwords that come along with them.

Join this session to learn:

  • The core features of a Customer Data Platform
  • The differences between CDP solutions
  • How a CDP is different to a Data Warehouse, DMP and CRM
  • Questions to ask when considering a CDP

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Life After the GDPR "Deadline": What’s Next?

9am EDT / 2pm BST

By Jim Roberts, Blackler Roberts

On May 25th, the GDPR enforcement date created a mass surge of privacy policy update emails across the globe, rumours of big brands deleting masses of EU marketing data, and organizations trying desperately to gain explicit opt-in permission for continued processing of data by any means necessary.

Nobody could have foreseen the mad rush in May, and for many brands their 're-permission' strategy simply has not worked. Worse still, we're even seeing websites blocking access to EU located IP addresses that could be considered as 'personal data'.

There is a still a lot to learn and understand about GDPR and with the new ePrivacy regulations just around the corner, and with California looking likely to be the first US state to set its own revised data privacy laws, marketers across the world cannot rest on the laurels. 

In this webinar, Jim Roberts from Blackler Roberts will showcase some of the more absurd and misinformed examples of action taken by companies following the GDPR, and then discuss ePrivacy and how marketers can start to make sensible changes that both maintains compliance, whilst ensuring a successful approach to database marketing.

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Using Gamification to Gain Consent and Engagement in a post GDPR world

10am EDT / 3pm BST

By 3radical & Jim Kelly, BlueVenn

GDPR is having a serious impact on direct marketing with marketers at enterprise organizations worrying about the validity and consent of their marketing programs and campaigns. Re-permission strategies are simply not working so what can brands do differently?

Gamification is a two-way exchange of data and consent that is fun, engaging and rewarding for your customers. In this session,  our gamification technology partners at 3radical will showcase new ways to obtain consent through interactive games and apps as part of a multi-channel customer journey program.

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Hitting the Mark 2018: You don't have to go all in to win

11am EDT / 4pm BST

By Skip Fidura, dotmailer

Hitting the Mark 2018 - dotmailer's annual email benchmarking report - provides serious marketers with winning practices to revive customer experiences and give their email campaigns a boost. Together with Betfred, dotmailer will demonstrate how marketers who may have a lack of budget, limited resources and an imperfect martech stack can keep ahead of the competition.

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75% of advertising spend is being wasted! Learn how utilizing a Single Customer View for hypertargeting will double your ROI

12pm EDT / 5pm BST

By Jeremy Bender, BlueVenn

With only 35% of digital display ads receiving views and a worryingly low 9% receiving more than a second’s worth of attention, marketers are racking up millions of dollars of wasted advertising spend year on year. During this session, we’ll be looking at how a Single Customer View allows marketers to claw back their wasted marketing budget and create advertising strategies that will deliver on ROI.  

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Membership Means More: How Frederick News-Post Transformed Their Customer Experience

1pm EDT / 6pm BST

By Sara Hardison, The Frederick News-Post

Having implemented a variety of MarTech solutions, Sara Hardison, Frederick News-Post’s Director of Digital, understands the importance of company buy-in for a data-driven approach to boost engagement and drive reader subscription in the publishing industry.

Hear how Sara and the team have increased email listings by 30% through consolidating their disparate data sources into a Single Customer View, and how they utilize one central platform to execute customer journey automation across the entire spectrum of marketing channels.

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Retarget and Drive Purchases with Browse Abandonment

3pm EDT / 8pm BST

By Fresh Relevance

Two-thirds of online shoppers browse your products but don't get as far as placing them into their cart. While there are no secret spells to turn a window shopper into a buyer, there are certainly ways to significantly increase the odds. This webinar will cover how personalized browse recovery events on your website and in your emails help move these browsers further along and recapture revenue that might otherwise be lost.

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Insight into Action: Automated Multi-Channel Customer Journeys

3pm EDT / 8pm BST

By Matt Dimond, BlueVenn

In this final session, we’ll be taking you through a tour of the BlueVenn Marketing Automation Platform. We’ll be running a multi-channel retail example demo where you’ll see how easy it is to create a multi-channel marketing campaign that incorporates Email, SMS, Direct Mail and eCommerce channels. You’ll also see how to lean on BlueVenn’s out-of-the-box RFM analysis, predetermined logic and predictive insights to optimize the campaign based on each customer’s online and offline channel preferences, their propensity to buy from our campaign promotion and then execute the campaign steps.

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