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The leading Customer Data Platform to unify every online and offline customer touch-point and create a real-time, trustworthy Single Customer View to use across all your marketing systems

Unified Customer Data

Unified Customer Data

Unify all your online and offline customer data into a trustworthy and de-duplicated Single Customer View
Optimized Data Access

Optimized Data Access

24/7 access to all your customers, transactions and interactions in one compliant, integrated database
Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Push a unified 'Golden Record' through every marketing channel for personalized marketing

Unified Data into a Single Customer View

BlueVenn UNIFY blends all your customer data together to create a Single Customer View that is trustworthy, clean and de-duplicated for optimized marketing.

BlueVenn UNIFY provides connectors, APIs and data loaders to easily ingest data from all your existing systems. The identity resolution engine, customizable to your specific organization, handles the matching, merging and de-duplication of your customers, transactions, channels and data sources in real-time.

The result is a persistent memory of every transaction, click, open, visit, like and engagement with your brand tied to unique customer records or anonymous users, which can then be pushed into every personalized campaign or analytical tool.

Single Customer View Success Stories

Subaru increase test drives and sales

320% Increase in Test Drives.
160% Increase in New Car Sales.

IM Group, the sole supplier of Subaru in the UK, is using a Customer Data Platform to unify data across dealerships and franchises with dramatic increases in conversions.

LV= increased response rates and acquistions

81% Increase in Response Rates.
15% Increase in Acquisitions.

LV=, one of the UK's largest insurance firms, is improving data quality and unifying customer data from source systems to improve marketing performance and results.

GateHouse Media consolidate into a Single Subscriber View

150 Brands into a Single Subscriber View.
Integrated Print, Digital & Email Channels.

Gatehouse Media, one of the largest US publishers, is delivering 1-to-1 communications to customers with the right message at the right time, through traditional or digital channels.

BlueVenn UNIFY puts Marketers in Control of Customer Data Management

Put Marketing in Control of Customer Data Management

BlueVenn UNIFY is a fully customizable Customer Data Platform that puts unrivaled customer data management capabilities into the hands of marketing.

Easy-to-use data loaders and real-time extensions empower you to connect and automate the flow of data from source systems quickly and easy - and without the worry of expensive technical changes or long-winded IT projects that often don't provide marketing with the true Single Customer View they need.

Want to load eCommerce transactions data into BlueVenn UNIFY? Easy! Want to sync contact data from a CRM? Simple! Need to merge clicks, opens and events from your email campaigns? No problem!

Whatever the data, known or anonymous, real-time or batch, the BlueVenn UNIFY data loaders, connectors and APIs enable you to control when, how and what data enters the Customer Data Platform, whilst customizations make it easy to add new fields, calculated fields and insights. And to help you maintain the integrity of your data UNIFY also prompts you when your data needs attention, and provides workflows to trigger next actions before or after every data load or refresh.

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The Single Customer View is fundamental and I don’t know how you can run a business without one. With Big Data taking hold, the SCV is a must have to allow traditional marketing best practice.


Analytics Manager,

We now have a CRM infrastructure that is constantly fed; every day we take new feeds of data, the system is rebuilt and campaigns are triggered automatically. There’s an acceptance that this is beginning to set the agenda and help the business to improve.

Group CRM Director,
IM Group (Subaru UK and Isuzu)

What I love is how easy it is to find a new data source then load it, link it, use it! For one project it took just 15 minutes to get the data in, 30 minutes to do analysis & within an hour we had full trending analysis of our customer reviews over the last 2 ½ years.

Head of CRM,
Space.NK apothecary

Improve your Data Quality with a Scalable Customer Data Platform

BlueVenn UNIFY continuously matches, merges and enhances your data, in real-time, every time it enters the platform. Third party data enhancements fill in the gaps to enhance your data and identify anonymous users interacting with your brand.

As you add more data, more channels and grow your customer base, BlueVenn UNIFY grows with you as a fully scalable customer database that continuously maintains the reliability of your data.

A fully audited and time-stamped history of every data change, match or transformation allows the business to monitor data quality and data integrity over time, taking the pain away from complex customer data management tasks that hinder your ability to orchestrate highly targeted and segmented marketing campaigns.

Improved Data Quality

Mitigate Data Privacy Risks with Multi-Channel Compliance Tools

UNIFY - Mitigate Compliance Risks with Data Privacy Controls

BlueVenn UNIFY centralizes customer preferences and their consent for marketing across all channels for you to manage every opt-in and opt-out in one place.

Across email, direct mail, SMS, telephone and advertising our Customer Data Platform becomes the single source of truth for all your customers' marketing preferences.

Modern compliance and data privacy tools, designed for changing legislation such as the GDPR or California Consumer Privacy Act, also make specific requirements to fulfill Subject Access Requests, or fully delete customer data, as easy as the click of a button.

Sound good?
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