Single Customer View

Create a structured customer database to unify all your data and create a single, clean record of each customer to drive intelligent, trustworthy insight

A Single Customer View not only saves you time with your daily data duties – it's your foundation for personalized, one-to-one messaging.

Using data that is inaccurate, out-of-date and filled with duplicates means inefficient, ineffective campaigns. What do you really know about your customers when you have to depend on a disparate and unstandardized assortment of half-truths to distort your view?

Marketers have tried many different approaches to consolidate customer data in the past. However, as a purpose-built Customer Data Platform that is accessible to other systems, BlueVenn specifically creates a persistent, unified customer database.

The BlueVenn Single Customer View transforms ALL your data – including names and addresses, CRM data, campaign history, contact history, email, social and more – to form an accurate, compliant, up-to-date, enriched and 100% de-duplicated memory of each individual customer.

With data you can trust comes the freedom to focus on truly exceptional marketing. 

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Single Customer View

The Single Customer View is fundamental and I don’t know how you can run a business without one. With Big Data taking hold, the SCV is a must have to allow traditional marketing best practice. It supports reporting requirements to measure Big Data initiative results and provides timely information in one place.

Stacie Maxie, Analytics Manager, LV=