Single Customer View

BlueVenn unifies online and offline data from the source to create a clean 'Golden Record' of every customer, ready for trustworthy analytics and multi channel campaigns in the platform 

BlueVenn creates a Single Customer View by blending, deduplicating and structuring all your online and offline data into the Customer Data Platform ready for analysis and campaigns.

We transform ALL contact information, transactions, behavioral and preference data to create an accurate, enriched and 100% deduplicated memory of each individual customer.

This clean and accurate data from the Single Customer View then provides 24/7 access and control of every byte of data to the marketing team for analysis, data analytics, audience creation, BI, segmentation and most importantly - perfectly targeted campaigns!

It revolutionaizes the way marketing works by speeding up the time to deliver campaigns, breaks down the data silos and provides instant access to all the data for decision-making and insights.

Marketers access their data from within BlueVenn, with the ability to drag & drop into lists, charts, analysis tools, predictive models and campaign workflows, safe in the knowledge that the data is always trustworthy, complete and inclusive of all source systems.

It certainly takes the pain out of cleansing, enhancing, matching, preparing or requesting data from external departments or organizations, ever again!

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Single Customer View

A Single Customer View is the process of collecting data from disparate online and offline data sources, then matching and merging it to form a single, accurate record for each customer.

The Single Customer View is fundamental and I don’t know how you can run a business without one. With Big Data taking hold, the SCV is a must have to allow traditional marketing best practice. It supports reporting requirements to measure Big Data initiative results and provides timely information in one place.

Stacie Maxey, Analytics Manager, LV=