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Single Customer View

BlueVenn UNIFY is a Customer Data Platform, which creates a clean 'Golden Record' of every customer from online and offline data sources, for improved data quality, trustworthy analytics and omnichannel marketing 

Create a Single Customer View by unifying, cleansing, de-duplicating and structuring every online and offline customer touch-point for cross-channel marketing and customer intelligence.

BlueVenn UNIFY blends and transforms ALL your first, second and third party data into a 360 Single Customer View to create an accurate memory of each individual customer.

This clean and accurate data from the Single Customer View then provides 24/7 access and control of every byte of data to the marketing team for analysis, data analytics, audience creation, BI, segmentation and most importantly - perfectly targeted cross-channel marketing!

BlueVenn is revolutionizing the way marketers work with data and speeds up the time to execute segmented campaigns, as well as breaking down the crippling data silos in the business causing inefficiencies across the organization.

Single Customer View Software Features

  • All your data centralized and accessible in one persistent database.
  • Every click, open, transaction and behavior tied to a single, de-duplicated Golden Record.
  • Multi-channel preferences stored and governed from one platform.
  • Data loaders and ETL tools put marketing in full control of unified customer data.
  • All data accessible to other marketing systems with connectors and integrations
  • Updates occur in real-time and data quality improves across the business.
  • Data compliance tools ensure you stay ahead of modern data privacy legislation changes.

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Single Customer View

A Single Customer View is the process of collecting data from disparate online and offline data sources, then matching and merging it to form a single, accurate record for each customer.

The Single Customer View is fundamental and I don’t know how you can run a business without one. With Big Data taking hold, the SCV is a must have to allow traditional marketing best practice. It supports reporting requirements to measure Big Data initiative results and provides timely information in one place.

Stacie Maxey, Analytics Manager, LV=