Segmentation and Modeling

One size no longer fits all. Different customers buy for different reasons and for more relevant, effective marketing communication you need the right tools to understand who, and why

User-friendly but powerful segmentation tools to extract more value from customers and engage them on a one-to-one basis.

Gather customer intelligence, understanding Lifetime Value and customer potential the easy way. Use pre-determined analytics, RFV and propensity models, and create unlimited segments to drive success from your marketing initiatives.

Using an intuitive 'drag & drop' interface, BlueVenn empowers marketers with not only contextual understanding and a view of the bigger picture, but the ability to drill down into precise clusters based on demographics, lifestyle, attitudinal, value and more. 

What’s more, by blending third party data sources with your existing customer data you can further enhance how much you can learn about your customers, and how to target them. 

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If we want to produce a very specific mailing campaign, for example sending out sample items to our best customers who have bought similar things before, in the old way of doings things that would have been a two-week process, to brief the agency, get the list created and then actually use it. Now we can turn it around in a day. We can go from concept to action in 24 hours.

Joe Pack, Head of CRM at Space NK 

Don't have the resources to manage or execute your marketing campaigns?

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