Predictive Modeling and Attribution Analysis

BlueVenn ENGAGE empowers everyday marketers with advanced marketing analysis capabilities. Our predictive modeling and attribution wizards help marketers to optimize the targeting and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns

BlueVenn ENGAGE makes complex predictive modeling easy by providing an intuitive wizard-driven interface helping the everyday marketer to achieve optimal campaign results.

BlueVenn's predictive modeling functionality ensures the right campaigns and promotions are delivered to the ideal audience with simple-to-use wizards that predict the outcome of planned campaigns, and refine the audience accordingly to generate the best results and ROI.

The ROI calculator in BlueVenn ENGAGE then provides you with real-life results that are then used to continuously refine and retrain the model. 

BlueVenn clients have improved the success of their multi-channel campaigns by as much as 400% using predictive modeling in this way!


Predictive Modeling Features at a Glance

  • Predictive Wizards to optimize audience selections for campaigns
  • Customizable Recency, Frequency, Value (RFV) models and segments
  • Predictive analytics and propensity modeling wizards
  • Integration with 'R' statistical modeling




Out-of-the-Box Recency, Frequency, Value Models and Segmentation

With BlueVenn ENGAGE you can easily identify customers for growth, loyalty, reactivation strategies and so on, sending those customers directly to a specific campaign or customer journey.

Out-of-the-box BlueVenn will filter your customers into 8 dynamic segments, and then provides you with configuration tools to specify the recency, value and time intervals to customize the RFV segments for your specific business.

For one specific retail client, the marketing team saw customer retention increase from 4% to 32% over 12 months resulting in $millions of additional up-sell revenue.


First-Touch, Last-Touch and Multi-Touch Attribution Analysis and Reporting

BlueVenn ENGAGE provides customizable attribution tools to enable multi-channel marketers to better analyze the success and impact of campaigns across every channel or source. Whether its an online campaign, offline or cross-channel, it enables you to understand what works and what doesn't to refine and optimize your future marketing.

BlueVenn's attribution tools provide the capability to apply First Touch, Last Touch or Multi-Touch attribution algorithms, as well as weighted attribution and time variables for splitting the success criteria across many customer touch-points.