Real-Time Personalization

Gather real-time data to create unique customer experiences, effectively intervening in the customer journey with timely, relevant and valuable personalized content.

Your customers are individuals – so treat them as one. Create targeted, contextual messages and web content with just one line of code! 

The brands we love the most are those who understand us best. They know what we’re looking for, when we want it and the best way to deliver that message to us. With BlueVenn’s real-time personalization, marketers can engage at appropriate touchpoints, across email and web, with perfectly targeted live content, recommendations, contextual messages, welcome and abandonment emails. 

By collecting clickstream data from web and ecommerce sites, our real-time marketing can track live behavioral data for every session, including device, browser, products and pages looked at, along with cart value, page exits and bounces.

Then use intelligent 'SmartBlocks' within your website or email marketing to provide uniquely personalized content, offers or recommendations to extend the customer journey and drive a proven growth in revenue.

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Real-Time Personalization

Compared with the hundreds of enquiries per month generated by our newsletter, the company can now identify thousands of website users and it is possible to see exactly which parts of the site they have visited, and so what interests them most. This helps us to better target prospective customers with content tailored specifically to the interest they have shown.

Howard Ormesher, Group CRM Director, IM Group 

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