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Real-Time Website Personalization

With BlueVenn's personalization module, activate all your offline and online data to customize the online experience - in real-time - with targeted messages and offers

Use machine-learning algorithms and real-time segmentation, alongside all the data from your Single Customer View to personalize the online experience.

With BlueVenn’s real-time personalization, marketers can engage at appropriate touchpoints, across email and web, with perfectly targeted live content, recommendations, contextual messages, welcome and abandonment emails. 

By collecting browse data from your web and ecommerce sites, behaviors can be tracked for every session of known and unknown customers, including device, browser, products and pages looked at, along with cart value, page exits and bounces.

Features of BlueVenn's Real-time personalization modules include:

  • Cross-device identification of customers and browsers
  • Real-time recording of each website browse
  • Storage of browsing data into Single Customer View for analysis
  • Cart tracking and abandoned cart recovery campaigns
  • Pop-ups, real-time JPEGs, Social proof and countdown timers
  • Visitor tracking and abandoned visitor recovery campaigns
  • Real-time machine learning and customer profiling
  • Website and Email personalization
  • Embeddable 'SmartBlocks' for integration with ESPs and eCommerce

For a demonstration of BlueVenn's real-time personalization modules and multi-channel marketing platform, book a demo or contact us.

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Real-Time Personalization

Compared with the hundreds of enquiries per month generated by our newsletter, the company can now identify thousands of website users and it is possible to see exactly which parts of the site they have visited, and so what interests them most. This helps us to better target prospective customers with content tailored specifically to the interest they have shown.

Howard Ormesher, Group CRM Director, IM Group