Creating actionable insight with Magento and BlueVenn

Complement your eCommerce setup with a seamless connection to BlueVenn’s powerful real-time marketing, analytics and customer journey platform

Effortlessly integrate your eCommerce data with BlueVenn – and all your other marketing tools – to create a Single Customer View, improved analytics, segmentation and omnichannel customer journeys.

As the world’s number one commerce platform, Magento impresses consumers with responsive, speedy and user-friendly eCommerce sites. Behind the scenes, BlueVenn can provide marketers with rapid access to their customer data by connecting all technologies and databases, including Magento, to create a 360-degree Single Customer View.

Not only that, users will benefit from BlueVenn's powerful analytics, modeling and segmentation tools, customer journey management and deploy highly targeted omnichannel campaigns.

The BlueVenn Magento connector enables:

  • Easy connectivity and swift transfer of data between BlueVenn and Magento, with no engineering effort required. Better still, BlueVenn can connect to all online and/or offline channels to build your Single Customer View.
  • Add real-time personalization, countdown timers, smart content, cart abandonment recovery and 1-to-1 engagement to your web and email channels with a purpose built Magento connector.
  • Use BlueVenn marketing automation tools to better understand your customers, find your best ones, and target them with more relevant, contextual and personalized communications.

The BlueVenn Magento connector enables brands already using the platform to transform their marketing capabilities with ease. With just one line of javascript we can also open up real-time marketing, segmentation and personalization options to any other eCommerce platform.

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