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 WooCommerce Integration for BlueVenn

The BlueVenn integration for the WooCommerce ecommerce platform pulls in data for analysis and enables real-time personalization and customer journey automation

Integrate your WooCommerce platform with BlueVenn to gain access to usable data from your ecommerce and add real-time marketing capabilities to your store.

Built upon WordPress, WooCommerce is one of the world's must customizable, practical ecommerce platforms and trusted by businesses all over the world.

By plugging WooCommerce directly into BlueVenn, your ecommerce data is pulled into the Customer Data Platform to enable you to analyze it against all your other marketing channels. Using our real-time personalization modules, you can also plug into the website to deliver real-time, personalized content and benefit from real-time tools such as pop-ups, sign up forms, nudges and cart recovery triggered campaigns.




Say Goodbye to Fragmented Data

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform adds maximum value to your marketing by unifying, cleansing, and deduplicating all of your customer data from everywhere in the business. This means that when BlueVenn is integrated with WooCommerce, all your WooCommerce data will be fully blended with data from everywhere else in the business for multi-channel analysis and campaigns.

BlueVenn gives marketing teams 24/7 access to their customer data all in one place. This means they can be more reactive to external conditions, be more efficient and be able to produce 1-to-1 marketing campaigns.

Segment, Analyze and Intervene in Real-Time

BlueVenn users benefit from its powerful analytics and segmentation tools that enable your marketing to be more optimized than ever before! As a result, you have the ability to create and execute highly tailored, targeted marketing campaigns, deliver personalized content and analyze customer behaviour.

Also discover new methods of intervening in the customer journey with the real-time personalization capabilities of BlueVenn. This allows you to add countdown timers, smart content, cart abandonment recovery, and 1-to-1 engagement for all of your online and email channels with BlueVenn.


Contact our team today and request a demo to discover more about how you can use BlueVenn to make the most of your WooCommerce customer and transaction data.