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Tableau integration for BlueVenn marketing analytics

BlueVenn integrates with Tableau to provide marketers with dynamic reporting, data visualizations and business intelligence from their trustworthy BlueVenn customer data and marketing campaigns

BlueVenn users can now embed Tableau into the platform to quickly and easily visualize, share and analyze data about customers and campaigns.

By integrating Tableau directly into BlueVenn, marketers can generate the  interactive dashboards and visualizations they need to be able to share information across the team, or to inform other departments in the business. By using Tableau in this way for marketing analytics it enables better business collaboration and sophisticated dynamic reporting.

Using the impressive data processing speed of BlueVenn, it makes the sharing of reports, holding huge volumes of data, extremely quick. It also helps other departments make visual use of the trustworthy data that resides in the BlueVenn Single Customer View.

Tableau in BlueVenn Marketing Platform


Benefits of integrating Tableau with BlueVenn

The BlueVenn data integration for Tableau, means that any user tasked with analyzing customer data has instant access to a reliable, fully cleansed and consolidated view of every customer within the Tableau application.

BlueVenn’s Single Customer View process cleanses, de-duplicates and unifies all of your data, which means that all the data you see in Tableau is accurate, enhanced and trustworthy. This would not be the case if they were displayed through Tableau alone!

BlueVenn’s high speed columnar-based data processing power means users also experience a significant increase in data processing performance when accessing and working with data in Tableau.

Seamlessly operate Tableau from BlueVenn

Tableau has been fully embedded into the BlueVenn UI which means that users can view and interact with any report or dashboard directly inside the BlueVenn platform. By removing the need to switch between software applications, BlueVenn becomes the centralized hub for managing marketing analytics across the organization. 

BlueVenn removes the time and labour-intensive elements of data preparation that many users would experience when using Tableau. With the Tableau data integration with BlueVenn, users are presented with a clean, merged and de-duplicated record of every customer from which to power their visualizations.


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