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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration for BlueVenn

Connect your Salesforce Marketing Cloud email marketing platform to the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform for true multi-channel campaign management

Connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud to the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform for the ability to combine online and offline campaigns and true multi-channel marketing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud users can now integrate all their digital data and email campaigns with BlueVenn. This integration pulls all the intelligence on email campaigns, clicks and events into the Customer Data Platform for analysis alongside all your offline data and campaigns giving the business a true, multi-channel 360° Customer View.

Using the customer journey automation workflows within BlueVenn, the integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) also ensures that any SFMC online campaigns are coordinated as part of a multi-channel experience for the customer.

  • Create more targeted segments and audiences for campaigns using BlueVenn's rich suite of analysis tools
  • Create and execute SFMC campaigns as part of a multi-channel online and offline experience using BlueVenn.
  • Use offline data for enhanced online personalization.
  • Act-on real-time email response data to trigger other channels.





Unified Data with a Customer Data Platform

BlueVenn’s Customer Data Platform connects all your disparate data sources, including response data from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud, into a Single Customer View. BlueVenn cleanses, deduplicates, enhances and standardizes all the data ready for optimized marketing.

BlueVenn creates the 'Golden Record' of every customer, along with a history of every single interaction they have had with your brand – whether that be online or offline. This data is then exposed to Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the creation of lists and audiences for highly personalized digital campaigns.




Analytics & Insights for Everyday Marketers

With easy-to-use drag & drop analytical tools, BlueVenn turns everyday marketers into data scientists, giving them the ability to drill into trustworthy customer data in infinite ways.

Using maps, charts, graphs and other data visualization tools in BlueVenn, users can create dynamic customer segments, targeted audiences and highly relevant lists for campaigns, and use SFMC for the email execution.

Predictive analytics and out-of-the-box RFM metrics also ensure that marketing have the information to create successful welcome campaigns, xsell, upsell and win-back strategies.


Automated Multi-Channel Campaigns

BlueVenn removes the siloed approach that marketing often has towards their online and offline marketing strategies. It ensures that offline and online marketing teams plan and execute campaigns as one.

For Salesforce Marketing Cloud users this means coordinating SFMC campaigns and workflows using BlueVenn which will trigger the campaign at the specified moment or time. This enables SFMC campaigns to be triggered by other channels and equally, trigger offline or other digital channels using real-time SFMC response data.



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