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Creating actionable insight with Magento and BlueVenn

Complement your eCommerce setup with a seamless connection to the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and Multi-Channel Marketing Automation Solution

Effortlessly integrate your Magento data with BlueVenn for improved analytics, segmentation and multi-channel campaign management.

As the world’s number one eCommerce platform, Magento impresses consumers with responsive, speedy and user-friendly online experiences. Behind the scenes, BlueVenn provides multi-channel marketers with rapid access to all their customer data by connecting, blending and de-duplicating technologies and databases, including Magento, to create a 360-degree Single Customer View.

BlueVenn for Magento

A few of our integrations and connectors:


Not only that, users benefit from BlueVenn's powerful analytics, segmentation and multi-channel marketing automation tools to execute highly targeted campaigns, better personalization and understand customer behavior in a totally new way.

The BlueVenn Magento integration enables:

  • Easy connectivity and swift transfer of data between BlueVenn and Magento, with no engineering effort required. Better still, BlueVenn can connect to all online and/or offline channels to build your Single Customer View.
  • Add real-time personalization, countdown timers, smart content, cart abandonment recovery and 1-to-1 engagement to your web and email channels with a purpose built Magento connector.
  • Use BlueVenn marketing automation tools to better understand your customers, find your best ones, and target them with more relevant, contextual and personalized communications.

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