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Google Audiences integration for BlueVenn

BlueVenn's integration enables users to dynamically synchronize audiences to Google and target them with adverts, as part of a joined-up omnichannel marketing campaign



BlueVenn integrates with Google to enable you to dynamically synchronize a campaign audience with Google Audiences.

Our Google connector makes it possible for you to create dynamic, hyper-targeted audiences based on the full knowledge of your customers, their behaviors and transactions held in BlueVenn, then use it to present personalized advertising.

It enables you to push Google advertisements to customers who are not engaging with other marketing channels and actively add, or remove, individuals when they no longer qualify for a specific advert (e.g., if they make a purchase).

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform powers your custom audiences in Google (and Facebook) to enable you to fully maximize your ad budget by removing wastage due to poor targeting. Whether they purchase, inquire or convert, online or offline, BlueVenn can remove or add customers to a Google Audience using whatever parameters you define.

“We’re on course to save $500k in ad spend this year, thanks to the BlueVenn connectors to Facebook and Google, by dynamically suppressing customers that purchase either online or in-store and by creating more targeted custom audiences…”

Google campaign step

Using Google Ads as part of a customer life cycle journey

As customers travel along their buying journeys, BlueVenn makes it possible to dynamically move those customers through a highly personalized, omnichannel series of adverts, campaign steps, offers and promotions.

Better still, BlueVenn’s Google and Facebook integrations enable you to utilize advertising as part of a coordinated multi-channel customer experience, where BlueVenn acts as the one point of control for all your online and offline marketing channels.

And, when it comes to acquisition, the ability to add or remove customers by synchronizing defined segments with your advertising audiences ensures you can maximize your advertising budget and guarantee customers will always receive the most targeted ads.

Benefits of the BlueVenn Google integration include:

  • Strengthening an omnichannel campaign and improving overall response or conversion rates.
  • Improving customer acquisition by allowing Google to use custom audiences to match with other potential new customers across the web.
  • Enabling the use of additional variables, such as phone number, name, country and postal code, not just an email address, as unique identifiers to match with Google, to improve the accuracy of lookalike audiences.
  • The ability to engage customers who may have opted out from other marketing channels, or been unresponsive to other communications.

To discover how BlueVenn’s Google connector can help you to fine-tune the targeting and effectiveness of your advertising strategy, request a tailored demo now or join our bi-monthly webinar demonstration.