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Givex Integration

BlueVenn integrates perfectly with the Givex loyalty platform in real-time, ensuring instant rewards and happy customers

BlueVenn’s integration with the Givex customer loyalty platform rewards your customers in real-time, as well as maximizing the effectiveness of your loyalty campaigns.

Connected via a REST API, this seamless integration facilitates automated loyalty card and award scheme updates. It also enables marketers to gain instant access to customer loyalty data whilst providing shoppers with a unique, personalized journey.   


Givex - Platform for Gift Cards, Loyalty, Cloud POS

Update loyalty points in real-time

Update loyalty points in real-time

Customer loyalty schemes are an incredibly powerful way to drive customer retention whilst simultaneously providing deep insights to customer behaviors and purchase habits.

When a loyalty card customer submits a product review to a platform such as Bazaarvoice (another platform that BlueVenn integrates with), this review is fed into BlueVenn. BlueVenn then connects with Givex and loyalty points are awarded to the customer’s loyalty card.

BlueVenn’s integration with Givex is a swift, real-time connection that ensures every single customer is instantly rewarded for their purchases and reviews.

Maximize the value of your loyalty scheme

Connecting BlueVenn with Givex accelerates your customer acquisition rate in a simple, cost-effective way that adds maximum value to your loyalty schemes.

With Givex’s tools such as gift cards, e-gifts and advanced incentive campaigns, marketers can engage with a wide of range customer segments and connect with customers as and when they make a purchase.

This actionable data is fed back into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform where it is blended with your other online and offline data sources, providing an even more enhanced view of your customers.

Maximize the value of your loyalty scheme

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