Facebook Integration for BlueVenn

BlueVenn's integration with the Facebook Marketing API enables BlueVenn users to upload audiences to Facebook and target them as part of omnichannel marketing campaigns

BlueVenn integrates with the Facebook Marketing API to extend its omnichannel marketing capabilities, allowing you to push adverts to customers on Facebook who are not engaging with other marketing channels.

Marketers see improvements of up to 4% on response rates when adding additional channels to a single campaign, and using BlueVenn's customer journey tools, you can send selections of disengaged customers (ie. customers that have not opened an email) to Facebook, providing the same omnichannel message in a social advertisement. 

Alternatively, you may want to reinforce the same message or offer on both Facebook and other channels within the same customer journey, or use Facebook to match against your audience for acquisition of new customers.

Benefits of this Facebook API integration include:

  • The ability to add Facebook to BlueVenn as a channel to strengthen an omnichannel campaign and improve overall response or conversion rates.
  • The tools to reach a larger audience beyond your traditional marketing channels.
  • Engaging customers that may have opted out from other marketing channels, or unresponsive to other communications.



Matching to a Facebook Audience

BlueVenn and Facebook use a customer's email address as the unique identifier for the matching process within Facebook.

The integration provides this match between a Facebook Audience and the first party data in the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform. Depending on that match rate, the resulting audience will then become an audience that can be advertised to, or can be used as look-a-like matches for acquisition campaigns.

Triggering Brand Awareness Campaigns

The Facebook Marketing API connector allows you to choose your ad creative, budget, type of campaign, and timescales from within BlueVenn.

During the creation of a campaign, you can select Facebook as an output channel using the drag & drop campaign builder. This then prompts you to fill out the variables for the campaign and add it as a step within any part of the campaign workflow.

The integration of Facebook with all your other marketing channels enables you to trigger advertising based on the outcomes of other channels. This makes your Facebook social advertising more effective, more efficient and an improved return on investment.



Identity Resolution

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform also enhances your first party data with social profiles, IDs and additional identifiers through our Identity Graph partnerships with Throtle and Full Contact.

This data enrichment process can happen in batches or real-time, and benefits your social media marketing and advertising, as well as for deeper segmentation and behavioral analytics.

These data enhancements benefit BlueVenn integrations to Facebook, Twitter and other integrated advertising platforms.

Contact our team today and request a demo to discover how you can use BlueVenn to use Facebook advertising as part of your multi-channel marketing strategy.