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Facebook integration for BlueVenn

BlueVenn's integration with Facebook enables users to dynamically synchronize audiences to Facebook and target them with adverts as part of a joined up omnichannel marketing campaign


BlueVenn integrates with Facebook to enable you to dynamically synchronize a campaign audience with Facebook Custom Audiences.

This enables you to push adverts to customers who are not engaging with other marketing channels on Facebook, and actively add or remove individuals when they no longer qualify for a specific advert (e.g. they make a purchase).

Using the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to directly power your custom audiences in Facebook (and Google) means that you can maximize your ad budget by optimizing engagement and remove wastage due to duplication or poor targeting through automation. Whether they purchase, inquire or convert, online or offline, BlueVenn can remove or add customers to a Facebook Custom Audience using whatever parameters you define.

“We’re on course to save $500k in ad spend this year thanks to the BlueVenn connectors to Facebook and Google by dynamically supressing customers that purchase either online or in-store, and by creating more targeted custom audiences…”



Acquire and nurture customers across the customer journey

For brands looking to nurture customers through a sequence of adverts, by creating lifetime customer journeys in BlueVenn that include Facebook, the integration will enable you to dynamically move your customers through a highly personalized and omnichannel series of adverts, campaign steps, offers and promotions.

Better still, BlueVenn’s Facebook and Google integrations enable you to utilize Facebook advertising as part of a coordinated cross-channel experience, with BlueVenn acting as one point of control across email, mobile, social, and any other online or offline channels, so that all your channels support each other to maximize the impact and awareness of your campaigns.

And when it comes to acquisition strategies, the ability to purposefully add or remove customers from an advertisement audience enables you to maximize your advertising budget and ensure that customers are always receiving the most targeted and relevant ads.

Facebook offline attribution

New for 2021, the Facebook integration now enables an offline conversion tool to help you to get a clearer idea of the real-world effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns. If someone clicks on your Facebook ad and makes a purchase immediately, you’ll know – but what if they see or click on an ad, mull over a purchase for a while, and then buy your product in a store?

BlueVenn Engage can now synchronize offline conversions to Facebook, without any manual efforts being required to attribute those sales to an advertising campaign.

Matching the online and offline customer activity in this way makes it easier for you to build up an accurate view of the overall effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns.





Benefits of the BlueVenn Facebook integration include:

  • Strengthening an omnichannel campaign and improving overall response or conversion rates.
  • Improving customer acquisition by allowing Facebook to use  dynamic audiences to match with other potential customers on the platform.
  • Enabling of the use of additional variables, such as phone number, name, country and postal code, not just email address, as a unique identifier to match with Facebook users, to improve the accuracy of lookalike audiences.
  • The ability to engage customers who may have opted out from other marketing channels, or who have been unresponsive to other communications.

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