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dotdigital Multi-Channel Marketing Integration for BlueVenn

Real-time integration between BlueVenn and dotdigital seamlessly combines email marketing with a Single Customer View, analytics and multi-channel marketing automation

BlueVenn and dotdigital - End-to-End Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

By integrating BlueVenn with dotdigital, every campaign is perfectly tailored to each customer.

The real-time link between both platforms combines the trustworthy, unified data of the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform with your dotdigital email marketing. This enables you to:

  • Unify offline and online customer data into a Single Customer View.
  • Easy predictive analytics for more effective email campaigns.
  • Coordinate online and offline campaigns using visual workflows.
  • Utilize segmentation and insights for better personalization.
  • Act-on real-time email response data to drive next best actions.
  • Trigger emails from customer behavior in other marketing channels.



 Single Customer View

BlueVenn brings together all your fragmented customer data from offline and online sources into a blended and de-duplicated Single Customer View. This enables you to better understand your customers and how they interact with your brand.

Putting clean, structured and unified data into your hands transforms your ability to use data more effectively, allowing you to improve personalization, analytics and reporting. More...



 Predictive Analytics, Segmentation and Insights 

Utilize BlueVenn’s analytics, maps, charts and out-of-the-box RFM analysis to automate, segment and adapt your campaigns to better target the right customer with the right message.

With a broad range of marketer-friendly, drag & drop data visualization tools, BlueVenn empowers you to drill into the insights that will evolve your marketing towards a 1-to-1 strategy across all channels, devices and systems. More...



 Automated online and offline campaigns 

Using the automated, visual campaign management features in BlueVenn, brands can be truly multi-channel in their automation and delivery of campaigns.

Combining dotdigital email marketing, website personalization, direct mail, social, SMS, or the push of any online or offline channel, BlueVenn facilitates omnichannel marketing campaigns, messages and promotions. More...



 Realtime Triggers and Best Next Channel Decisions

BlueVenn’s visual campaign management tools push and pull data in both realtime and batch methods from all integrated channels and data sources - including your dotdigital email marketing. This enables real-time messaging based off transactions, responses, events and digital interactions.

The execution of a campaign, promotion or message is delivered via the customer's preferred channel, along with the ability to create a sequence of events and triggers that optimize the customer journey.



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