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Amazon Redshift Integration

BlueVenn can seamlessly integrate with Amazon Redshift, giving marketers the ability to instantly analyze and act upon customer data

BlueVenn has the ability to integrate with Amazon Redshift, the fully managed, columnar data warehouse that allows you to store terabytes and petabytes of customer data.

This integration means that you gain instant access to analyze and activate all of your customer data at the simple click of a button.

  • Marketers gain access to all their data in a friendly UI
  • Charts, graphs, maps and Venns make data analytics quick and easy
  • Seamless link to all marketing channels for omnichannel campaigns
  • Integrations to all the leading Email, SMS and eCommerce platforms
Amazon Redshift

Unlock Amazon Redshift Data

Why use BlueVenn with Amazon Redshift?

With BlueVenn sitting on top of Amazon Redshift, you no longer need to rely on data analysts to access and make sense of your data. In fact, BlueVenn turns your marketers into analysts through its marketer-friendly data visualization and analytical tools.

Benefits of BlueVenn’s integration with Amazon Redshift include:

  • Super-fast data access – By using Amazon Redshift's columnar storage technology, you gain unparalleled speed and fast query performance.
  • Ease of use for marketers – BlueVenn’s friendly drag & drop user interface ensures that complex data can be analyzed and made actionable with little or no training.
  • Robust security – Strict security measures are built into both BlueVenn and Amazon Redshift, giving you the peace of mind that every byte of your customer data is safe and secure.
  • Limitless insights – Through its speed and ease of use, BlueVenn allows marketers to query data without limits. This makes segmentation and the creation of marketing campaign lists more accurate and targeted.

Providing you with actionable insight

When integrated with Amazon Redshift, BlueVenn enables marketers to get full access to all their data.

BlueVenn provides the analytical tools to make sense of the data, and through a suite of marketing automation tools, marketers can activate the data into highly-personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns that drive interaction and boost sales.

Actionable insight with Amazon Redshift

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