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Upland Adestra Integration for BlueVenn Marketing Platform

Combine BlueVenn with Upland Adestra to integrate email marketing with all other online and offline marketing channels and customer intelligence

BlueVenn and Upland Adestra - Leverage Best-of-Breed Technologies to Create and Execute Customer-Focused Marketing Campaigns

The combination of BlueVenn and Upland Adestra enables a two-way integration for the seamless transfer of analytics-driven customer segments into Upland Adestra’s email marketing platform. This enables marketers to execute highly targeted campaigns, bringing the resulting campaign data back into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform for further analysis, insight and multi-channel campaigns.

  • Automate multi-channel campaigns within BlueVenn
  • Unify offline and online data with a BlueVenn Single Customer View.
  • Fuel your Upland Adestra campaigns with enhanced analytics.
  • Utilize segmentation and insights for better personalization.
  • Ideal technology combo for multi-brand, multi-channel businesses.



 Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform element of BlueVenn links all your data sources and systems into one marketing database. BlueVenn then cleanses, deduplicates, enhances and standardizes your data ready for optimized marketing.

By creating a 'Golden Record' of every customer or prospect, along with a complete memory of every interaction with your brand, online or offline, BlueVenn fuels your Upland Adestra campaigns by pumping more targeted data and segments into your emails. More...



 Modeling, Segmentation and Analytics 

Within BlueVenn you'll find a multitude of high-speed analysis tools, maps, charts and graphs that place analytics in the hands of your marketing team.

Along with RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) metrics, predictive analytics tools and the ability to build targeted lists and segments,your marketing department will be armed with untapped insights. This empowers you to create outstanding customer experiences and engaging campaigns across all channels and devices. More...



 Visual, Multi-Channel Campaign Workflow

Through combining the multi-channel marketing automation capabilities of BlueVenn and the email marketing specialities of Upland Adestra, this unique combination has proven popular amongst BlueVenn’s clients and partners. 

Integrating these technologies allows all online and offline channels, (email, advertising, direct mail, social, SMS, mobile and more) to be tightly integrated and collaborative for a consistent, omnichannel customer experience. More...



 Multi-Brand, Multi-Channel Excellence

Upland Adestra's unique 'Workspaces' functionality make it the number one email marketing platform for multi-brand retailers and publishers.

With these workspaces integrated into BlueVenn and the ability to structure data nicely from multiple brands into the BlueVenn Single Customer View, this is the only choice for brands longing for data-driven analytics and multi-channel campaign management.



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