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Identity Resolution in the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform

Powerful customer data matching algorithms identify and match customer data from disconnected systems and channels to enable omnichannel marketing strategies

BlueVenn’s Customer Data Platform uses identity resolution to recognize customers' transactions and behaviors across multiple systems and match them together into a unified customer view.

BlueVenn’s native data and address cleansing capabilities, real-time data enhancements and 50+ customizable identity resolution matching rules ensure that you have a clean, trustworthy and complete view of each and every customer to support your cross-channel marketing strategy.

The platform uses a number of potential identifiers, either in isolation or as a logical sequence of deterministic matching algorithms, to ensure that any web visit, click, transaction or other interesting behavior can be matched to a known or unknown customer. This enables you to build up full, 360° profiles of every customer (AKA "Golden Records"), which can then be used for campaign selection or leveraged to achieve trustworthy insights.

But every business is different, so BlueVenn enables our customers to tailor the priority and order of the identity resolution rules used within the system, so that the matching method can be customized for each individual data source. (For example, if the source being loaded into BlueVenn does not have a unique identifier or email address to match customer records, then it can use a group of potential identifiers across other known data to find a match.)

BlueVenn also connects seamlessly with identity graph suppliers, for probabilistic matching of devices or cookies and to support personalization tactics across your digital marketing channels.







Using ID resolution to create a "Golden Record"

Matching and unifying customer records from across the business creates a ‘Golden Record’, enabling you to remove gaps and blind spots from your understanding of each individual customer journey. These Golden Records can then be leveraged across all your connected marketing solutions, whilst at the same time rendering unnecessary any unwanted manual efforts to continuously match databases to enable campaigns to be executed.

The result is the removal of data wrangling tasks, a better visibility of the true customer journey, the ability to act more speedily on insights, and more time devoted to delivering the very best personalized experience for your customers across all marketing channels.

To find out how BlueVenn will help you to leverage identity resolution to create more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, schedule a 1-to-1 demo or join us for one of our bi-monthly platform demonstration webinars.