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Data Loading and ETL Tools in BlueVenn UNIFY

BlueVenn UNIFY makes the loading of customer data from your source systems quick and easy, and the identity resolution engine will match, merge and de-duplicate all the data to create a single view of the customer and a 'Golden Record' to push to other marketing systems

BlueVenn UNIFY can integrate to modern marketing systems and has data loaders to load, link and automate the flow of data in and out of the Customer Data Platform.

What makes BlueVenn UNIFY stand out as the premier Customer Data Platform is the ease of loading and linking any data source (real-time or batch) and the way it cleanses, de-duplicates and enhances the data as it enters the system.

UNIFY enables non technical users to setup automated workflow and notifications when data loads or refreshes to ensure data quality and integrity is of the highest order, which in turn benefits every future campaign, optimizes every marketing channel and ensures your analytics and insights are accurate. 

Data Loading Features at a Glance

  • Data Loaders to load files, integrate systems and map/create fields
  • Data Import Templates to automate data management tasks
  • Customizable ETL rules to normalize disparate data from many sources
  • Alerts and monitoring of data loads and refreshes for optimal performance
  • Data quality reports and statistics
  • Customizable data processing and enhancements that continuously improve data quality




Customer Data Management Reports

Every data load, every transformation of your data and every success, error, cleanse or duplicate record is monitored and time-stamped in the Customer Data Platform to ensure you have clear visibility of your data quality and performance.

As UNIFY detects issues with your data it can then trigger alerts for your team, or other departments, to take action and ensure that nothing gets in the way of your next marketing campaign.

Remember, as a Customer Data Platform, BlueVenn UNIFY is a persistent database, which means that nothing is ever suppressed or summarized. This means the reports, charts, and a full history log, provide access to every byte of data to monitor database growth and maintain a true Single Customer View.