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Omnichannel Marketing Automation Software

Advanced marketing automation platform for brands to orchestrate personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns and integrated customer journeys, utilizing a Single Customer View, segmentation, analytics and modeling

BlueVenn's omnichannel marketing automation tools enable you to plan and execute online and offline marketing campaigns and customer journeys through one platform.

Through APIs and connectors we'll create two-way data flows with your existing marketing channels to enable the plan, orchestration and execution of marketing campaigns via the BlueVenn ENGAGE campaign workflow.

By connecting the decisions and execution of campaigns in this way, across all your online and offline channels, BlueVenn ensures a consistency of message, reduces repetition of tasks, and empowers you to deliver the best customer experience across web, email, SMS, CRM, social, direct mail, call centers, advertising and more.


Features of BlueVenn's multi-channel marketing automation include:

  • All your online and offline marketing channels integrated
  • One tool to deliver cross-channel campaigns
  • Simple drag & drop creation of customer journeys
  • Ability to pull and act on real-time data from external systems
  • Integrated email marketing to run CDP-powered email campaigns
  • Trial and test runs to learn outcomes before executing campaigns
  • Omnichannel offer codes, offer optimization and Next Best Action 
  • Lead scoring and real-time tags for customer journey analytics
  • Cost attribution to analyze campaign ROI

Collaboration and Unification of Campaigns

As well as centralizing and deduplicating every byte of data about your customers into a Single Customer View, BlueVenn unifies the decisions you make about your campaign workflows. Online and offline marketing teams use the same tool, same accurate data and automate cross-channel marketing campaigns seamlessly as one.

Personalization and Multi-Channel Campaigns

By giving full access to all the online and offline touch-points, purchases and interactions in an easy drag and drop marketing automation platform, marketers are provided with unlimited personalization potential and optimization of channel, promotion and message.


With the BlueVenn Marketing Platform, you can visually create a journey, see how it links to others and match our campaign planning to the journey that a customer is taking outside of our organization. It’s a much better way to think about the conversations we are having with our customers.

Ian Longley, Group Head of Customer Development, IPF