Customer Journeys and Total Cross Journey Optimization

Connect all your online and offline marketing channels to deliver a contextual omnichannel customer experience, in real-time

Give your customers a contextual, relevant and personal experience using BlueVenn's Customer Journey Management tools

Customers don’t think about channels – they navigate the journey that's best for them. That’s why it is more important than ever for marketers to provide a contextual, omnichannel customer experience - and BlueVenn gives you the power to do just that!

With BlueVenn Customer Journey Management you get:

  • The Visual Customer Journey Builder
  • Cross-Journey Communication
  • Customer Behavioral Tagging
  • Total Cross-Journey Optimization
  • Multi-channel & Omnichannel
  • Customer Journey Lead Scoring
  • Social & Real-time Website Integration

Campaigns and customer journeys can be executed seamlessly across all your channels; through email, digital, direct mail, push messaging, social and more.

And as customers make decisions along a journey, BlueVenn uniquely allows for automatic tagging of customers based on their behaviors that will help to personalize and optimize every future interaction across different journeys. We call this total cross-journey optimization and an "air traffic control" view of your customer journeys.

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Customer Journey Management

With the BlueVenn Marketing Platform, you can visually create a journey, see how it links to others and match our campaign planning to the journey that a customer is taking outside of our organisation. It’s a much better way to think about the conversations we are having with our customers.

Ian Longley, Group Head of Customer Development, IPF

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