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 Customer Data Analytics Software

With BlueVenn ENGAGE there's no need for data scientists, analysts or complex queries. Marketers can quickly and easily discover usable customer insights, segment customers and understand buyer behaviors to then orchestrate targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns

BlueVenn's "train-of-thought" data visualizations and drag & drop data querying tools put insights and analytics at your fingertips using trustworthy, clean and accurate data 24/7.

Who are our best customers? Who's likely to churn? How and when will they buy again? Who responds best to direct mail? Which channels work best together? Where can we intervene in the customer journey to improve conversions? 

Whatever the question, BlueVenn ENGAGE enables you to rapidly dive deep into customer behaviors, transactions and attributes, across billions of data points, to uncover previously hidden buying patterns that will help to optimize campaign segments and make business-changing decisions.

Customer Analytics Software Features

  • Optimized for rapid, unlimited analysis across huge data volumes
  • A huge array of data visualization charts, graphs, Venns and maps
  • A unique and visual drag & drop approach to audience segmentation
  • Built-in Recency, Frequency, Value segmentation
  • Predictive analytics, propensity modeling wizards and machine learning
  • Integration with 'R' statistical modeling or other external modeling tools


Train of Thought Analytics


Drag and drop your way to rapid, business-changing insights & targeted segmentation

Within BlueVenn ENGAGE you get access to hundreds of visualizations and can drag and drop huge volumes of data around the platform without any degradation in speed. There's no need to wait for answers - BlueVenn is just a second away from the answer!

No reliance on IT, internal departments or 3rd party agencies - all your data, in one place, merged, clean, trustworthy and deduplicated, and a marketer-friendly user interface to turn insights into perfectly targeted campaigns!

Get at insights faster with our unique "Train-of-Thought" analytics technology

BlueVenn is the first "train-of-thought" analytics platform for marketers. This unique functionality empowers you to ask question after question about all your data, at speed, across huge volumes of data with absolutely no degradation in speed or performance. So, whether you're segmenting thousands, millions or many tens of millions of customer records, transactions or touch points, you get the answers immediately!

BlueVenn helps you to answer the questions you never knew to ask!

With BlueVenn ENGAGE marketing teams can tackle the analytical tasks normally reserved for data scientists that leads to meaningful customer insights, more targeted campaigns and better analysis of results, ROI and campaign performance.


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