Customer Data Analytics

With BlueVenn there's no need for data scientists or SQL training. Quickly and easily discover insights with data analytics tools to develop a deeper understanding of your customers.

BlueVenn's out-of-the-box data analytics and predictive tools put limitless customer insights at the fingertips of the marketing team.

Who are your best customers? Who's likely to churn? How and when will they buy again? Which campaigns and channels are working best? What is the best audience for my campaign? Dive deep into customer behaviors to uncover previously hidden buying patterns that optimize acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and retention campaigns vastly more successful.

Features of BlueVenn's analytics tools include:

  • Marketer-friendly visual, drag and drop data visualizations
  • Optimized, column-based data storage for optimized analysis speed
  • An array of dynamic charts, graphs, Venns and maps
  • Out-of-box Recency, Frequency, Value segmentation tools
  • Predictive analytics and propensity modeling
  • Ability to build, save and share new insights on the fly
  • Multi-screen modes to manage multiple analyses at once
  • Ability to drag data from any visualization directly into campaigns
  • Turn on script mode for advanced users

Train-of-Thought Analytics

Using fast, visual customer insight tools, marketing teams can tackle the analytical tasks normally reserved for data scientists to develop meaningful customer insight that leads to more targeted campaigns and better analysis of results, ROI and campaign performance.

The First for Column-based Analytics

As the very first marketing automation platform to ever use a column-based architecture, enabling you to analyze HUGE data volumes without any degradation in speed, it means that BlueVenn is ideal for marketing teams with millions of customers and transactions where other systems leave you waiting for list creation or answers to queries.

Plus, using our unique "insight-to-action" methodology, all the insights and analysis can be immediately activated into highly targeted, omnichannel marketing campaign in seconds.

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Train of Thought Analytics

If you sit someone in front of it, they can see you can extract data really, really quickly, analyze, build up queries and create Venn diagrams that bring the data to life. We’ve been taking over data sets and the sales guys who used to have to wait two or three days to get the information they wanted are flabbergasted that we can turn it around in half an hour.

Paul Creber, Database Operations Manager at Mark Allen Group

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