Customer Data Analytics Software

With BlueVenn ENGAGE there's no need for data scientists, analysts or complex queries. Marketers can quickly and easily discover usable customer insights, segment customers and understand buyer behaviors to then orchestrate targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns

BlueVenn's "train-of-thought" data analysis and predictive marketing tools put limitless insights into the hands of marketing.

Who are your best customers? Who's likely to churn? How and when will they buy again? Which campaigns and channels are working best? What is the best audience for my next campaign?

Whatever the question, marketers use BlueVenn ENGAGE to dive deep into customer behaviors and uncover previously hidden buying patterns that optimize your acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and retention campaigns.

Customer Analytics Software Features

  • Optimized, column-based data storage for rapid analysis speed
  • An array of data visualization charts, graphs, Venns and maps
  • Drag & drop data from any visualization directly into campaigns
  • Out-of-box Recency, Frequency, Value segmentation tools
  • Predictive analytics and propensity modeling wizards
  • Integration with 'R' statistical modeling


Train of Thought Analytics


Drag and Drop your way to business-changing customer insights

Within BlueVenn ENGAGE you get access to hundreds of visualizations and can drag and drop huge volumes of data around the platform for analysis, creation of audiences or campaign lists, and segmentation. However, unlike Business Intelligence and reporting solutions, in BlueVenn ENGAGE every chart, graph or visualization contains every field of the underlying customer data to be able to drag every personalization field you need instantly into a campaign audience.

Get at insights faster with our unique "Train-of-Thought" analytics technology

BlueVenn is the creator of "train-of-thought" analytics. This is the ability for marketers to ask question after question about their data, at speed, across huge volumes of data with absolutely no degradation in speed or performance. So, whether you're segmenting thousands or millions of customer records and touch-points, you can get at answers quickly!

Once you start analyzing data you find that your first question leads to another, and then another, and another...BlueVenn helps you to answer the questions you never knew to ask!

With BlueVenn ENGAGE marketing teams can tackle the analytical tasks normally reserved for data scientists that leads to meaningful customer insights, more targeted campaigns and better analysis of results, ROI and campaign performance.


If you sit someone in front of it, they can see you can extract data really, really quickly, analyze, build up queries and create Venn diagrams that bring the data to life. We’ve been taking over data sets and the sales guys who used to have to wait two or three days to get the information they wanted are flabbergasted that we can turn it around in half an hour.

Paul Creber, Database Operations Manager at Mark Allen Group