Customer Data Analytics

No need for data scientists or SQL training. Ask questions and receive answers immediately to develop a deeper understanding of your customers.

Take control of your data. Our powerful analytic tools and predictive models let you define and refine your marketing strategy.

Who are your best customers? What products do they buy? How frequently do they buy them? When are they likely to do so again? Dive deep into customer behaviors to uncover previously hidden buying patterns that make your acquisition, cross-sales, up-sales and retention campaigns vastly more successful.

Features of BlueVenn's analytics tools include:

  • View up to five sets of data in interactive map reports
  • Customizable RFV configurations
  • Predictive cluster modeling and propensity modeling
  • Multi-level pivot displays
  • Parametric banding creation

Using fast, visual customer insight tools, tackle the tasks normally reserved for data scientists to quickly develop meaningful customer insight, reacting in real-time to customer preferences for the delivery of targeted and relevant customer experiences.

Iteratively query large volumes of data and, using our unique "insight-to-action" methodology, create selections, define data groupings, build Key Performance Indicators and more, turning insight into a highly targeted, omnichannel marketing campaign in seconds.

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Train of Thought Analytics

If you sit someone in front of it, they can see you can extract data really, really quickly, analyze, build up queries and create Venn diagrams that bring the data to life. We’ve been taking over data sets and the sales guys who used to have to wait two or three days to get the information they wanted are flabbergasted that we can turn it around in half an hour.

Paul Creber, Database Operations Manager at Mark Allen Group

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