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Compliance and multi-channel preference management

Unify all your customer's marketing preferences into a centralized view and utilize one-click tools to generate Subject Access Requests, as well as manage the erasure and portability of personal data for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The BlueVenn UNIFY Customer Data Platform integrates with your marketing channels to centralize your customers’ marketing preferences and create a fully time-stamped audit trail to ensure accountability and compliance with regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA.

BlueVenn Unify connects to all your online and offline marketing channels, databases and operational systems to create and maintain a centralized view of every customer interaction, transaction and channel preference.

Key to the Customer Data Platform is its ability to cleanse, normalize and de-duplicate each customer record to provide a true Single Customer View, whilst centralizing all customer consent into one manageable tool to demonstrate compliance and best-in-class management of your customers’ personal data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).




Compliance tools are just one click away

Out of the box, BlueVenn customers get compliance tools for one-click access to Subject Access Requests, the 'right to be forgotten', data portability and the ability to remove PII or to fulfill a request to opt out of automated profiling. 

Unify will then maintain a fully persistent repository of any change to a single record over time to show how the data has changed, when it was changed and which person or system made the change. This includes the ability to show consent across all the contact points you have for an individual.

For internal or external audits, customer requests to access their data then synchronize preferences back to your marketing systems, but, importantly, also acts a a single source of truth for customer preferences across the entire organization.

Multi-channel Preference Center builder

Use the drag & drop Preference Center Builder in Unify to place any fields directly from the Customer Data Platform into a unique web form, which enables your customers to manage all their online or offline marketing preferences. Enable the ability to opt-in or out of specific channels, specify what they do or don’t want to hear about from you, decide how frequently they wish to receive your marketing content, or even to update the personal data you hold about them.

Plus, with bi-directional connectors to your marketing automation, email, SMS, mobile and web platforms, let Unify maintain the reliability and visibility of opt-ins and opt-outs across your channels, for the entire business.



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