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CDP-Powered Email Marketing

Utilize BlueVenn’s integrated email marketing channel to deliver highly personalized emails, triggered by unified data and interaction cues from all your online and offline channels, within the Customer Data Platform

An omnichannel approach to email marketing

BlueVenn’s native email marketing enables you to design and automate highly personalized email messages alongside the communications sent through your other online and offline marketing channels.

Our effortless customer journey builder connects email, mobile, SMS, web, direct mail and any other channel to ensure that a consistent omnichannel offer, message, promotion or experience is delivered every time.

  • Orchestrate all your online and offline campaigns from one platform.
  • Ensure email becomes part of the omnichannel journey.
An omnichannel approach to email marketing

Real-time triggered emails

BlueVenn utilizes its Customer Data Platform to make every byte of customer data, from across the organization, available to the marketing team to trigger and personalize email communications beyond your regular email system. An A triggered email can be executed via any other channel and can be perfectly timed for personalized multi-step campaigns.

  • Rely on the omnichannel real-time engine to trigger perfectly timed and personalized emails.
  • Automate triggers to execute perfectly timed emails based on customer interactions in any other online or offline channel.

Increased email personalization for better performance

Leverage your Single Customer View from the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to implement higher levels of personalization that improve your open, click and conversion rates. CDP-powered email marketing enables advanced segmentation and analytics to power the creation of campaign audiences and the personalization of your email campaigns.

  • Optimize your email audiences using advanced segmentation and analytics.
  • Enhance the personalization of your campaigns with insights and segments from a Single Customer View.
Increased email personalization for better performance

Better data = better marketing campaigns

At the core of BlueVenn is our Customer Data Platform, which ingests and stores data from all your existing systems to create unified customer profiles and a Single Customer View. Every click, open, purchase, visit, like, reply, complaint or call is stored, unified and made available, 24/7 to power better email marketing. BlueVenn customers see 95% greater efficiency with their email marketing by removing the arduous process of moving data from system to system to create targeted email lists for dynamic sends.

  • CDP-powered emails deliver higher levels of personalization, leading to improved results.
  • BlueVenn customers see a 95% reduction in time required to prepare data for email campaigns.
Better data = better marketing campaigns

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