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BlueRelevance - Real-time Marketing & Personalization

BlueRelevance™ is the real-time marketing and personalization module from BlueVenn for delivering customized content and cart abandonment recovery campaigns based on a customer’s habits, customer journey and profile

Engage your customers with real-time, personalized content across email and web channels.

Customers respond better when served with an online experience that has been tailored to their needs. With BlueVenn’s real-time marketing and personalization module, BlueRelevance™, you can deliver customized content based on a customer’s shopping habits, customer journey choices and all online and offline data in your BlueVenn Single Customer View.

Getting started is as simple as installing a one-line script tag on your site which then fires click stream data directly into your BlueVenn Customer Data Platform. Using first party cookie data it associates every behavior and interaction to an individual's device and provides the ability to personalize content on your website and execute cart abandoment recovery campaigns. 

Following implementation of BlueRelevance in 2016, one transportation client in the UK is on course to deliver increased revenues of $2.5 million over 12 months and has identified an additional $15 million of opportunities to date.


Real-time markeing and personalization

See BlueRelevance in Action here!

Increase Revenue with Triggered Messaging

Using personalized cart recovery emails, organizations have seen an average 6-8% uplift in revenue, and a further 2-4% with browser recovery emails.

Turn abandoned carts into buyers with personalized product recommendations and purchase triggers.

With BlueRelevance you can:

  • Provide product recommendations and personalized coupons to increase revenue from campaigns you're already sending.
  • Auto segment customers and use machine learning to make real-time product recommendations.
  • Drive abandoned customers back to their purchase using triggered, personalized campaigns and reminders.
  • Drive abandoned website visitors back to your site and provide additional offers and personalizations to drive higher conversions.
Triggered Messaging

Better Results with Email Personalization

Organizations see an average 5% increase in email conversion by adding personalized recommendations to emails.

All BlueRelevance personalized content renders in real-time – at the point of open rather than the point of send. This allows for different blocks of custom content to be served depending on time/ rules and ensure that every customers gets a relevant offer.

Features include:

  • Product recommendations based on crowd sourced or individual behaviors.
  • Real-time countdown timers.
  • Real-time JPEG banner and image text personalization.
  • Live social media feeds into your email campaigns.
  • Web crops allow any website content to be served into emails based on an individual’s browsing behavior and profile.
Email Personalization

Better Engaged Visitors with Website and eCommerce Personalizations

Increase conversions at an average of 5% by incorporating personalized recommendations, offers and content into your web pages.

Your customers and prospects are unique and so the days of a one-size-fits-all website are gone. Help make the experience more relevant, efficient and contextual by serving them the most appropriate content on your website.

BlueRelevance includes website personalization features such as:

  • Product recommendations based on crowd sourced or individual behaviors.
  • Real-time countdown timers.
  • Social Proof to help customers validate a purchase before they buy.
  • Real-time banner and image text personalization.
  • Contextual content such as weather images based on location.
  • Personalized coupons, pop-overs, banners and other readable content.
Web personalization

Machine Learning & Real-time Profiling

BlueRelevance collects data in real-time, to create visitor profiles, make live recommendations and further enrich your customer data.

Through the blending of click stream and behavioral data with transactional and third party data from the BlueVenn Single Customer View, BlueRelevance will utilize machine learning algorythms to make product recommendations as well as building highly relevant customer profiles.

BlueRelevance provides you with huge amounts of real-time data you can use in other platforms.

  • Automatically update profiles and synchronize them with your email platform, while targeting web visitors with appropriate content
  • Available as a ‘firehose’ (the export of real-time data) to empower a Single Customer View database or analysis suite.
  • Real-time dashboards provide a live view of online behavior and transactional information.
  • Special, dedicated integration with Magento.
BlueRelevance dashboard