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BlueVenn Marketing Hub

Combine our BlueVenn UNIFY Customer Data Platform features to create a single view of the customer with BlueVenn ENGAGE for customer analytics, segmentation and omnichannel campaign orchestration across all your offline and online marketing channels

Unify online and offline data from across the business with the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform


BlueVenn UNIFY

BlueVenn UNIFY is our 2nd generation Customer Data Platform to create a unified view of every online and offline customer touch-point for improved analytics, segmentation and cross-channel personalized marketing.

  • Creates a Single Customer View for optimized marketing and analytics
  • Provides marketing with access to every byte of customer data in one tool
  • Removes issues arising from disconnected systems and data silos
  • Matches, merges and de-duplicates every touch-point to a 'Golden Record'
  • Reduces the marketing department's reliance on IT or 3rd parties
  • Enables non-technical users to analyze, segment and manage customer data
  • Supports compliance of the GDPR and other modern data privacy regulations


Engage your customers better with BlueVenn Omnichannel Marketing Automation & Analytics


BlueVenn ENGAGE puts predictive analytics and advanced segmentation into the hands of the marketing team and a customer journey orchestration engine for true omnichannel marketing automation.

  • One-click access to every customer, transaction or channel 
  • Speedy visual analysis tools to unlock game-changing insights and behavioral patterns
  • Segmentation, modeling and reporting to increase ROI and customer value
  • Multi-touch advanced attribution analyses, set up and reporting
  • Real-time campaign engine and visual workflows to orchestrate omnichannel campaigns
  • Built-in predictive analytics and RFV wizards to optimize campaign performance
  • Real-time marketing modules to personalize digital channels
  • Email module to create personalized emails, triggered by data and interactions from all channels


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