Pick an edition based on the size of your database:


$2,000 p/m
Billed Annually*
Up to 100,000 Contacts

Integrate 2 Data Sources

1 User Licence

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$3,500 p/m
Billed Annually*
Up to 500,000 Contacts

Integrate 4 Data Sources

2 User Licences

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$8,500 p/m
Billed Annually*
Up to 2,000,000 Contacts

Integrate 8 Data Sources

4 User Licences

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Over 2,000,000 Contacts

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* A one-off setup fee of 15% of your first year order is applied to all BlueVenn editions. 


Now look at everything you can get! We don't hide features from any edition of BlueVenn - it's not our way of doing business. There's just a few extras (* or ¹) if you want to add some speedy real-time features, customizations or integrations.

BlueVenn features and functionality in EVERY edition

  • 360º Customer View
  • Customer Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • RFV Modeler
  • Customer Profiler
  • Customer Mapping
  • Campaign Selection Builder
  • Customer Journey Management
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • Cross-Journey Communication
  • Triggered Campaigns
  • A/B Testing
  • Real-time Email Personalization*
  • Browse Abandonment Recovery Workflow*
  • Campaign Seeds
  • Campaign Dashboards
  • Campaign Templates
  • Campaign Wizards
  • Tableau Connector¹
  • ESP Connectors¹
  • Magento Connector¹
  • Other eCommerce Connectors¹
  • Social Connectors¹
  • Real-time Web Personalization*
  • Cart Abandonment Recovery Workflow*
¹ Choose from one of our popular Connectors from our list of integrations. These enable you to connect BlueVenn with your existing marketing technology stack for multi-channel analysis and campaign orchestration.

* These features are part of our BlueRelevance Real-time Marketing Add-in and additional costs apply. A number of factors (including database size & website(s) involved) can influence the cost so we just need to have a chat with you first to give you a price.


Pick a deployment option. Choose from 'In the Cloud', 'On Premise' or a 'Hybrid' option for the best of both worlds:

'In the Cloud'
'In the Cloud'

Your data 'In the Cloud', access from your browser and plug & play nicely with your other marketing platforms.

'On Premise'
'On Premise'

Does your data need to be kept on site? We like to keep options open to everyone and are proud to offer choice.


Our Hybrid deployment combines 'On Premise' with Hosted access and your data held anywhere you prefer.


Finally let's talk about your existing technology and data. We can transform customer data into a single source of truth to ensure all your analysis and campaigns hit the mark every time.

Data Audits

BlueVenn Data Boost

As part of our commitment to 'perfectly targeted marketing' we know that your data inside BlueVenn needs to be perfect too. That's why from the outset BlueVenn gives you a report highlighting inaccuracies, duplicates, legal issues and potential enhancements to drive better analytics.

If the results don't look good then we encourage you to undertake a data quality transformation before you get switched on. And if your data is good - well then at least you know and you can give yourself a good pat on the back!

Single Customer View

Single Customer View (SCV)

For enterprise organizations and multinational brands, the issue of data silos and the lack of a clean view across multiple systems and databases, can be the main barrier to perfectly targeted marketing.

The BlueVenn Single Customer View is a constant process of aggregating, matching, deduplication and optimization of every piece of data you hold about your customers - online and offline. The Single Customer View creates and maintains one single record for each customer you hold.

Want to send us your brief? Going out to tender? Request for Info/Proposal?

To make sure you evaluate the best with the rest, email our Marketing Development Team directly at marketing@bluevenn.com

Alternatively book a demonstration with one of our team.

Join thousands of other BlueVenn marketers

With BlueVenn, you can visually create a journey & see how it links to others. It’s a much better way to think about the conversations we are having with our customers.


Ian Longley,
Group Head of Customer Development,
International Personal Finance

BlueVenn adds the opportunity to integrate near real time data sources with historical behavior & predictive models to plan ‘live’ campaigns through e-channels, bricks & mortar or any other touchpoints.

Glenda Selby,
CRM Data Warehouse Manager,
AAA (American Automobile Association)

What I love is how easy it is to find a new data source then load it, link it, use it! For one project it took just 15 minutes to get the data in, 30 minutes to do analysis & within an hour we had full trending analysis of our customer reviews over the last 2 ½ years.

Joe Pack
Head of CRM,
Space.NK apothecary