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Blue Sheep Data Services

If you are looking to contact Blue Sheep about any products and services, then please send us a message below and we will get in touch to assist you.

Blue Sheep Data Services


On 20th September, 2020, BlueVenn signed an agreement to acquire the assets of Blue Sheep.

For more than 25 years, Blue Sheep has been a leading provider of B2B data hygiene services, segmentation and marketing database solutions for UK businesses. However, whilst BlueVenn is committed to supporting our existing customers, we won't be taking on any new contracts for B2B segmentation, B2B list acquisition or data hygiene & enhancement services right now.

If you are looking to contact Blue Sheep about any products and services, or are an existing customer and would like to speak to the Data Services Team, then please get in touch and we will be pleased to help.

The best way to make an inquiry or get in touch is via the inquiry form on this page, or via the contact details shown below.

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To send a support request about your Blue Sheep services or products, please email or call the UK Support Team on +44 (0)117 927 6662, asking to speak specifically about Blue Sheep.



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If you want to know how BlueVenn can help with customer data hygiene, segmentation and campaign management, or would like to make an inquiry, then please contact us today.