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Customer Data Platform from BlueVenn

Use the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform to unify, cleanse and optimize all your customer data for multi-channel marketing and analytics 

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform unifies online and offline data to create a Single Customer View and integrate all your marketing channels for optimized marketing and analytics.

BlueVenn is the first and only Customer Data Platform with fully integrated marketing automation. It plugs into data from all your first, second and third party data sources, unifies them into a Single Customer View and then makes it actionable using BlueVenn's built-in marketing automation and analytics tools.

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform:

  • Gives marketers 24/7 access to all your customer data in one place
  • Provides marketer-friendly analytics tools to understand customers and buying behaviors better
  • Uses predictive analytics to optimize your marketing decisions
  • Allows multi-channel marketers to coordinate campaigns across all channels from one tool
  • Integrates with your existing marketing platforms

Importantly the BlueVenn CDP removes all your data headaches by maintaining the hygiene, auditing and governance of your data and ensures trustworthy segmentation, analysis and campaign execution. 


 Remove your data headaches

Marketers are spending as much as 80% of their time preparing and analyzing data...

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform, removes unwanted time spent connecting and preparing data to make it 'campaign ready' and allows marketing to focus on campaign content and messaging with confidence they're hitting the mark every time.

  • No need to rely on IT departments or third parties to access and query your data
  • Bring together disparate data from the internal and external systems that matter the most to marketing
  • Ability to bring in both realtime and batch data feeds and a team to advise and guide you through the data sources
  • A scalable platform that integrates with new marketing technologies as they appear


Spend less time on data

 Base important marketing decisions on unified and persistent records 

Build a 'Single Source of Truth' for consistent, contextually relevant customer conversations.

The BlueVenn CDP creates a single, clean and holistic Golden Record for every customer. We make fragmented data a thing of the past by matching, merging, auditing and deduplicating everything into a Single Customer View.

  • Collect personally identifiable first party data, such as website, point of sale, mobile and loyalty scheme data  
  • Feed in third party data, using web behavior and anonymous cookie data to enhance your first party data and add essential insight for segmentation
  • Merge offline and online data to remove black holes from attribution, customer journey analytics and personalization options


Single Customer View or Golden Record

 Integrated analytics and Customer Journey Execution means more bang for your buck! 

Powerful segmentation, predictive modeling and real-time customer journey tools put your data to work.

The BlueVenn CDP contains a raft of analytics, segmentation, modeling and customer journey automation tools to gain insight and take action. These 100% integrated tools transform the capabilities of a customer data platform beyond just a centralized hub of data to provide a complete closed-loop marketing ecosystem for your organization.

  • Take advantage of BlueVenn's customer analytics tools, built to enable everyday marketers to dive deep into untapped customer insight 
  • Feeds directly into BlueVenn's visual customer journey building canvas, to automate omni-channel campaigns and journeys
  • Integrates with BlueVenn's BlueRelevance personalization modules which draw data from the CDP to build customized web and email content in real-time.


Customer Journey

 Place the BlueVenn CDP at the heart of your marketing technology stack

Make governed data visible to all the day-to-day marketing tools you need to launch relevant, targeted campaigns and journeys.

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform doesn't just connect effortlessly to its proprietary data analysis and marketing automation components. It also makes the unified customer profiles visible to any appropriate applications in your stack that you need. This could be your ESP, CRM, Data Management Platform, BI tools, ecommerce platform, and more...

  • Use the BlueVenn CDP as the data hub of your marketing activity
  • Straightforward integrations and feeds from any platform, database or cloud you desire


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