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BlueVenn provides marketers with tools for powerful customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, predictive modelling, attribution reporting and data management through the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform and Omnichannel Marketing Hub. Backed by years of experience creating unified customer data solutions for some of the largest B2C organizations in the world, the BlueVenn products and solutions are at the forefront of the Customer Data Platform technology revolution, redefining how marketers interact with their customers.

BlueVenn has over 400 brands using BlueVenn technology solutions in 9 different countries, and has offices in United States, United Kingdom and France. Customers include Subaru UK, Lego, The Washington Post, Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Gatehouse Media, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), The American Automobile Association (AAA), Manutan, Liverpool Victoria, BetFred, Domestic & General and SunLife.

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