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BlueVenn enables marketers to transform their omnichannel marketing and personalization efforts by unifying all your data, decisions and channels into one cross-channel marketing platform. The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform provides marketers with the analytics, predictive insights, segmentation and omnichannel marketing automation tools they need to orchestrate and execute consistent and personalized customer journeys that are proven to increase revenue and remove inefficiencies throughout the organization. The platform creates a real-time Single Customer View of every customer touchpoint, to help businesses become truly customer-centric and meet their acquisition and retention KPIs.

More than 400 brands across 14 countries use BlueVenn for omnichannel 1-to-1 marketing, and the company has five offices located in the US, UK and France.

The BlueVenn Marketing Hub is both a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and an Omnichannel Journey Orchestration Engine (JOE) which its customer use to unify all their customer data, touchpoints and interactions into a 360 Single Customer View, and then connect to all their online and offline outbound marketing channels to deliver hyper-personalized and hyper-targeted campaigns and journeys.

The platform focusses on three core elements:

  • Customer Data: BlueVenn uses complex ID resolution to match, merge and de-duplicate every customer record, click, open, visit, response, purchase or touchpoint into unified customer profiles that can be used to enhance every campaign or 3rd party system with holistic and trustworthy data.

  • Campaign Decisions: Uniquely for a Customer Data Platform, BlueVenn also provides a single campaign and customer journey canvas to build out workflows that incorporate every marketing channel (offline and online). Complete with infinite customer analytics tools, predictive modelling and multi-touch attribution analysis it enables everyday marketers to elevate their levels of insight and join online and offline marketing teams together to create truly omnichannel campaigns and customer experiences.

  • Cross-channel Execution: BlueVenn builds and maintains connectors to email, web, CRM, mobile, advertising and offline channels that trigger the execution of a message, and collect real-time response data back into the CDP. This enables users to plug and play with their existing marketing solutions but orchestrate all channels from one customer journey workflow, rather than delivering across multiple platforms.

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