BlueVenn fuels your Data Management Platform for intelligent ad targeting

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform creates an accurate, compliant, enriched and de-duplicated memory of each customer, feeding valuable, relevant information to your DMP

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform

Your DMP is ideal for building audience segments for your online ad networks. But what if your organization aspires to a omnichannel approach to its marketing?

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform consolidates all your customer data, from all your marketing systems, into one centralized database; matching, merging and deduplicating it to give you a Single Customer View.

Not only can this unified record be put to use across multiple touchpoints, BlueVenn can integrate with (and assemble data for) your DMP.

BlueVenn boasts many other tools for marketing, including cross-channel campaign management, omnichannel customer journey execution, segmentation, analytics and real-time marketing capabilities.

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...with BlueVenn you'll get:

Improved data management with a Single Customer View

Customer insight using ‘Train-of-Thought’ analytics

Real-time, omnichannel customer journey execution

Modeling, segmentation & pin-point targeting

Real-time website & email personalization

Real-time cart abandonment & website behavior analytics

Integrations with all your marketing systems

cdpi.jpgBlueVenn is a founding member of the Customer Data Platform Institute, created in 2017 by marketing technology analyst David Raab of Raab Associates.

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